Anti Magic Field

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Anti Magic Field.jpg

In Game Description[edit]

Miracle from the Demon Storm King's Soul

Generates a field around the user that prevents magic from being used.

This miracle represents the power of God against tremendous malice. It is one of the greatest miracles, aiding all who are righteous.

General Information[edit]

Miracle Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Buff 10 60 seconds 2 Miracle Slots Saint Urbain Storm Demon's Soul


  • Creates a field around the caster in which Spells cannot be cast
  • Affects both enemies and the caster
  • Static electricity appears around affected characters
  • Blue Phantoms are unaffected
  • Can cause huge amounts of lag. Therefore using it online (co-op and pvp), is not recommended.
  • All Miracles still work
  • Cannot be cast while any of the following spells are active: