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In Game Description[edit]

A person from a primitive civilization. Out of all the classes, they have the highest Soul level, vitality, endurance, and strength, but their initial equipment is the worst. They have no armor and their only weapon is a club.

Starting Stats[edit]

Stat Level
Vitality 15
Intelligence 7
Endurance 13
Strength 15
Dexterity 9
Magic 11
Faith 8
Luck 11
Soul Level 9

General Information[edit]

  • A strength-based class concentrated on melee fighting.
  • The complete lack of armor and a short-ranged weapon make this class dependent on evasion.
  • High Vitality slightly balances this weakness, though the Barbarian remains a challenging class, and is not recommended for beginners.

Starting equipment[edit]

Weapons Club (2)
Shields Wooden Shield
Armor N/A
Ammo N/A
Spells N/A
Consumables Crescent Moon Grass (5)

Soul Remains (3)

Character Classes[edit]

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