Boletarian Palace

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General Information[edit]

World Walkthrough Bosses NPCs Enemies
1-1, Boletarian Palace Phalanx
- Lead Demon's Soul
Blue Dragon (Optional)
- Large Flame Scale Demon's Soul
Red Dragon (Optional)
- Small Flame Scale Demon's Soul
- Dregling Merchant
- Executioner Miralda
- Old King Doran
- Ostrava of Boletaria
- Blue Eye Knight
- Boletaria Soldier
- Dregling
- Hoplite
- Red Eye Knight
1-2, Phalanx Archstone Tower Knight
- Iron Demon's Soul
Red Dragon (Optional)
- Small Flame Scale Demon's Soul
-Biorr, of the Twin Fangs
-Dregling Merchant
-Ostrava of Boletaria
-Blue Eye Knight
-Boletaria Soldier
-Fat Official
1-3, Tower Knight Archstone Penetrator
- Silver Demon's Soul
- Biorr, of the Twin Fangs
- Dregling Merchant
- Ostrava of Boletaria
- Yuria, the Witch
- Boletaria Soldier
- Dogs
- Fat Official
- Imperial Spy
- Red Eye Knight
1-4, Penetrator Archstone False King Allant
- False King's Demon's Soul
Blue Dragon (Optional)
- Large Flame Scale Demon's Soul
- Biorr, of the Twin Fangs
- Ostrava of Boletaria
- Penetrating Sword Black Phantom
- Scraping Spear Black Phantom
- White Bow Black Phantom
- Rune Sword Black Phantom
- Boletaria Soldier
- Fat Official
- Imperial Spy
- Red Eye Knight

General Strategy[edit]

Boletaria is a world populated mostly by human soldiers of varying equipment and capabilities.

  • Most enemies use only physical attacks, with some flame attacks thrown in to keep you alert (fire sword Dreglings, Firebomb soldiers, Fat Official's flame attacks, some exploding barrels, and Dragons). You will encounter no magic damage in this world, except from bosses.
  • You can see what weapons the human enemies have equipped, so you will learn to predict their attack patterns when spotted
  • All sorts of magic attacks are effective, since the enemies generally have weak magic defenses. Fire attacks are also efficient, except against Dragons.
  • There are many places with opportunity to spot enemies from a distance, so ranged attacks can give a good advantage.
  • In several areas, especially farther into the world, you may have to fight in narrow alleys or corridors, so large horizontal-swinging weapons will be a problem.
  • Spear, weapons with a thrust secondary attack like Long Swords, or a straight overhead forward swing are good for these areas.
  • Using quicker weapons helps out a lot because all of the enemies in 1-1, 1-2 and most in 1-3 and 1-4 are low defense and relatively high attack. So if you can kill them before they have a chance at hitting you, the enemy wont stand a chance.
  • Having your Equip Burden at 50% or less makes dodging attacks and the dragons a simple task.

Archstone of the Small King[edit]

  • Boletarian Palace
  • A huge stone castle in the heart of the northern kingdom of Boletaria.
  • Hungry soldiers whose souls have been stolen by demons attack trespassers, and terrible dragons nest there.
  • Phalanx Archstone
  • Archstone of the Demon Phalanx
  • Past the huge Boletarian castle gates lies the Cliff Pathway, now a feeding ground for dragons, which leads to the inner ward, where the knights live.
  • Tower knight Archstone
  • Archstone of the Demon Tower Knight
  • Inside Boletaria's gates, where the streets intertwine, lies a trap set by the Fat Official, an embodiment of Old King Allant's madness.
  • Penetrator Archstone
  • Archstone of the Demon Penetrator
  • The King's Tower, once a symbol of Boletaria, is now ridden with dragon claw marks, with only the Old King watching all from his broken throne.
  • False King Archstone
  • Archstone of the Demon False King
  • Calmly watching all from the King's Tower, a demonic impostor stood as the Old King Allant.
  • The true King dwells with an ancient beast…

World Tendency Representation[edit]