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In-Game Description[edit]

Support Spell

Hides one's presence, making it difficult to be detected by enemies.

This spell can be useful when sneaking up behind an enemy or when making a quiet escape.

General Information[edit]

Spell Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Buff Spell 10 30 Seconds 1 Magic Slot Freke's Apprentice
Sage Freke
500 Souls


  • Makes it harder for Enemies to detect the caster.
  • It quarters the distance of the enemies' aggro radius when cast, this is half the distance of the Thief's Ring (see Stealth for details).
  • Stacks with the following:
  • Thief's Ring (it will override the Ring's effect while the spell is active)
  • Graverobber's Ring
  • Cannot be cast while any of the following spells are active:
  • A common tactic is to lure enemies away from their post and then cast this spell. When the enemies lose track of the player, they will give up and slowly return to their post. This gives an opportunity to sprint up and backstab them.
  • This spell is referred to as "Hide" in the Asian versions of the game.