Demon's Prank

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Demons Prank.jpg

In-Game Description[edit]

Support Spell

Generates a loud sound in a far-off place.

It has little direct effect, so the caster must think creatively to make effective use of it.

General Information[edit]

Spell Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Distraction Spell 4 N/A 1 Magic Slot Freke's Apprentice
Sage Freke
500 Souls


  • Makes a laughing sound at spell landing point.
  • Nearby enemies who are not aware of the player will turn towards the noise.
  • Generally credited as being useless, this spell can actually be helpful early on in the game.
  • For example, casting it while locked on to a black skeleton who has already initiated combat will cause it to turn and attack empty space, meaning that you can very easily achieve a backstab.
  • Another useful function of the Demon's Prank is during the Old Hero boss fight in World 4-2. Because the Old Hero is blind, he responds to noise, so casting the Demon's Prank in an area away from you will attract the Old Hero.