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Demon's Souls refer to the souls of named bosses that you receive when they are defeated. When you defeat each boss, it would be in your best interest to not consume its soul if it is your first time playing through the game. Demon's Souls can be used by Blacksmith Ed to make unique weapons or by Sage Freke, Yuria, the Witch, or Saint Urbain to teach you Magic Spells and Miracles. Blacksmith Ed must also be given the Red Hot Demon's Soul before he can upgrade weapons with other Demon's Souls.

Boss Souls[edit]

Icon Demon's Soul Boss World Optional Souls Blacksmith Ed Sage Freke Yuria, the Witch Saint Urbain
Beast Demons Soul.JPG Beast Demon's Soul Old King Allant Below the Nexus Yes 200,000 - - - -
Colorless Demons Soul.JPG Colorless Demon's Soul Primeval Demon 1-3, 2-1, 3-2, 4-2, 5-2 Yes 5,000 Unique Weapon Upgrades - - (3x) Recovery
Doll Demons Soul.JPG Doll Demon's Soul Fool's Idol 3-1, Tower of Latria No 7,600 - Soul Ray - -
Dragon Demons Soul.JPG Dragon Demon's Soul Dragon God 2-3, Flamelurker Archstone No 26,400 - Fireball Firestorm God's Wrath
Eroded Demons Soul.JPG Eroded Demon's Soul Dirty Colossus 5-2, Leechmonger Archstone No 40,000 - Acid Cloud - -
False King Demons Soul.JPG False King's Demon's Soul False King Allant 1-4, Penetrator Archstone No 60,000 Northern Regalia - - -
Grey Demons Soul.JPG Grey Demon's Soul Vanguard 4-1, Shrine of Storms Yes 1,500 Dozer Axe - - -
Hard Demons Soul.JPG Hard Demon's Soul Armor Spider 2-1, Stonefang Tunnel No 3,200 Lava Bow Fire Spray Ignite -
Hero Demons Soul.JPG Hero Demon's Soul Old Hero 4-2, Adjudicator Archstone No 36,000 Large Sword of Searching - - Second Chance
Iron Demons Soul.JPG Iron Demon's Soul Tower Knight 1-2, Phalanx Archstone No 4,400 - Warding - -
Large Flame Scale Demons Soul.JPG Large Flame Scale Demon's Soul Blue Dragon 1-4, Penetrator Archstone Yes 30,000 - - - -
Lead Demons Soul.JPG Lead Demon's Soul Phalanx 1-1, Boletarian Palace No 1,520 Scraping Spear - - -
Maiden in Black Demons Soul.JPG Maiden in Black's Demon's Soul Maiden in Black Below the Nexus Yes 60,000 - - Soulsucker -
Mixed Demons Soul.JPG Mixed Demon's Soul Maneater 3-2, Fool's Idol Archstone No 19,600 Needle of Eternal Agony - - -
Pureblood Demons Soul.JPG Pureblood Demon's Soul Maiden Astraea 5-3, Dirty Colossus Archstone No 48,000 Blueblood Sword Death Cloud Relief Resurrection
Red Hot Demons Soul.JPG Red Hot Demon's Soul Flamelurker 2-2, Armor Spider Archstone No 18,000 Advanced Weapon Upgrades - - -
Silver Demons Soul.JPG Silver Demon's Soul Penetrator 1-3, Tower Knight Archstone No 36,000 - Light Weapon Cursed Weapon -
Small Flame Scale Demons Soul.JPG Small Flame Scale Demon's Soul Red Dragon 1-1, Boletarian Palace Yes 10,000 - - - -
Storm Demons Soul.JPG Storm Demon's Soul Storm King 4-3, Old Hero Archstone No 48,000 Morion Blade - - Anti Magic Field
Swollen Demons Soul.JPG Swollen Demon's Soul Adjudicator 4-1, Shrine of Storms No 13,200 Meat Cleaver - - Regeneration
Wriggling Demons Soul.JPG Wriggling Demon's Soul Leechmonger 5-1, Valley of Defilement No 6,400 - Poison Cloud - Cure
Yellow Demons Soul.JPG Yellow Demon's Soul Old Monk 3-3, Maneater Archstone No 26,400 Insanity Catalyst Homing Soul Arrow Soul Thirst Banish

How Soul Form and Body Form Affect Boss Fights[edit]

Ultimately, how difficult each boss fight is for your character is mostly dependent on your equipment (Weapons and Armor), your spells (Magic and Miracles), your tactics, (head-on assault, hit and run, etc.) and your skill. In body form, you have full health with the ability to wear two rings while in soul form you may inflict a bit more damage. Clearly, it's also dependent on which boss you fight and how you fight it.

A Note on Blue Phantoms in Boss Fights[edit]

The more phantoms you have aiding you in your boss fight (maximum of 2), the more HP the boss will have. This means nothing, however, if your blue phantoms are decent damage dealers and stay alive for the duration of the battle. For even more Demon's Souls, visit the End Game and Colorless Demon's Souls pages.