Flying Bearbug

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Flying Bearbug

General Information[edit]

Item Value
Location Stonefang Tunnel: 2-2
Description Beetle-like melee enemy
Souls Pure White: 160 Neutral: ?? Pure Black: 240
HP Pure White: 340 Neutral: ?? Pure Black: ??
Attack Melee Physical
Special Attack Jump Lands on the player
Weak to Magic attacks

Attack Patterns[edit]

Needle attack. Only does this while flying.


Use range magic such as Soul Arrow or a bow to bring them down. Use melee attack when they come to rest.

Soulsucker Strategy

If you have the spell Soulsucker , get near and kill it instantly.

Item Drops[edit]

Enemy Variety Item Drops
All Shard of Dragonstone
Chunk of Dragonstone (rare)

Enemy ID and Stats[edit]

The information below reflects the game's hard programmed values for enemy stats and values. However, these values don't always align precisely with values seen in game. This is due to Special Effect Multipliers (similar to NPCs) and World Tendency Multipliers.

Name ID Location HP Souls Defense Resistance
Physical Slash Blunt Thrust Magic Fire Poison Plague Bleed
Flying Bearbug 313004 2-2 242 160 162 187 162 212 64 573 100 125 500

Special Effect Multipliers[edit]

Special Effect Multipliers are blanket multipliers that are applied to NPCs, including Black Phantoms. For example, if the HP multiplier is "x2", the NPC will have twice the health that the player would have if they had identical stats and equipment. The NPC's attack multipliers are applied before the damage is affected by the player's defenses and resistances. Damage received by the NPC is slightly more complicated. When the player does damage to the NPC, the raw damage is put into a formula and computed against the NPC's resistances. These resistances are multiplied by the values in the Physical/Magic/Fire Defense columns before calculation. Afterward, the remaining damage is reduced by resistances, it is then multiplied by the Damage reduction multipliers in the Physical/Magic/Fire Reduction columns. The output damage remaining is the dealt to the NPC.

Enemy Location HP Stamina
Attack Damage Reduction Defense Resistance
Physical Magic Fire Physical Magic Fire Physical Magic Fire Poison Plague Bleed
Flying Bearbug 2-2 x1.55 x1.3 x1.75 x1.75 x1.75 - - - x1.25 x1.25 x1.25 - - -