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Game Formulas[edit]


An undertaking has been started to reengineer the formulas used in the game in order to be able to create character/weapon damage calculators and such.

This page is work in progress and subject to constant refining.

Stat progression formulas[edit]

This section contains all formulas that are used to calculate attributes (magic power, defenses, hit points and such).

Attribute Formula
Magic Power Magic Power = (Magic * 100)
Miracle Power Miracle Power = (Faith * 100)
Load (Max. Carry Weight) Load = (70 + (Vitality * 2))
Equipable Weight EquipWeight = (29 + Endurance)

To be further analysed

Weapon Bonus Damage[edit]

There is an ongoing discussion at the Atlus forums attempting to discover the formula behind weapon bonus mechanics. [can visit the thread, here].

In-game example highlighting weapon bonus, based on a character with 30 Dexterity and 18 Strength.


STR has an impact on weapons that scale using strength as a modifier, especially while two-handing a weapon, it increases your STR bonus by 1.5 which both increases weapon bonus damage, and attack power.

Example: If you have 10 STR and two-hand a melee weapon, this puts you at 10*1.5 = 15STR. So with this calculation, if you plan to two-hand a weapon with the minimum STR, you can get away with actually lower than what the weapon requires.


This section contains damage formulas based for base weapons, based on single and multiple ParamAdjustments.

For a rough estimage, the lowest 'E' rank bonus will add only about 12% * (BaseDamage * Stat/99), 'C' ranks increase to typically 65-70%, an 'A' rank bonus is up to 130% and with 'S' it is 140% and higher. So, for example, an S-rank Crushing weapon with base damage of 131 at Strength of 99 should gives you at least (1.4 * 131 * 99/99) = 183 bonus damage from Strength , and will scale with the Str bonus gained from two-handing the weapon (actual game data example in this case is a Crushing Guillotine Axe +5: Physical Attack 131, bonus 186 with Str 99). Combinations of Stat Bonuses seem to break this estimation technique though.

This formula is hardly near the mark and still needs work. Here are some very contradicting examples:

Meat Cleaver

Base: 90/90/0
Req: 26/0/0/16
Add: S/S/-/A
Reported damage at max stats: 90 + 306 / 90 + 98 / 0
Consider the magic damage: 98/90 = 1.09

On the other hand,

Istarelle +5

Base: 20/100/0
Req: 9/18/0/24
Add: E/D/-/S
Reported damage at max stats: 20 + 7 / 100 + 200 / 0
Consider the magic damage: 200/100 = 2.0


NOTE: Bonus damage also seems to max out on weapons, B rank Faith on Occult Greatsword for ex, stops giving bonus at Faith 40, E rank STR rank seems to stop at 30
Curious about your damage increase percentage? This might help.

B = Base damage (no magic increase equipped)

S = Super modified awesome damage (magic increase equipped)

D = Delta (difference between S and B)

casting Soul Ray (without equipment) with 250 damage is B
casting Soul Ray (with equipment) with 375 damage is S

Subtract B from S to obtain D

S - B = D
S (375) - B (250) = D (125)
Divide D by B

D / B = Percentage of damage increase (from base damage)

125/250 = 50% more damage with all the equipment.
OR (S-B)/B = %

Links to websites/tools using these formulas[edit]

To be added

Reengineering effort[edit]

In order to get the formulas necessary statistical analysis of stat/damage evolution is being done to get the stat/attribute progression of the game clear (and hence the formulas).

Formula 1:

[B]ase damage





[R]ating (determines multiplier bonus) (based on weapon type and upgrade) <— value(s) to be found

[DB] for Damage Bonus <— may be predictable

DB = B*S/99*R(s) + B*D/99*R(d) + B*M/99*R(m) + B*F/99*R(f)

Note: for statistical analysis, the in-game data of a range of characters is used instead of the wiki stats page (a few possible inconsistencies have already been spotted)