Fragrant Ring

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Fragrant Ring.jpg

In Game Description[edit]

A nobleman's ring, forged with spices. Recovers MP a little at a time. An extremely rare, extremely delicate piece of handiwork.


Recovers 1MP per 4 seconds when equipped.



  • Ring effect stacks with Crescent Weapons and Phosphorescent Pole
  • Status: MP Recovery
  • Maximum MP recovery is achieved by equipping two Phosphorescent Pole's (must be a +4 and a +5) and the Fragrant Ring, this will accumulate approximately 7 MP every 4 seconds, a +4 Phosphorescent Pole will beat a +5 Crescent Weapon (1 MP every 2 seconds compared to 1MP every 3 seconds).


1. as indicated in the in game Character status screen