God's Wrath

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Gods Wrath.jpg

In Game Description[edit]

Miracle from the Demon Dragon God's Soul

Generates a strong blast of force around the caster.

This miracle represents the power of God against tremendous malice. It is one of the greatest miracles, aiding all who are righteous.

General Information[edit]

Miracle Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Area of Effect
Damage Miracle
100 N/A 2 Miracle Slots Saint Urbain Dragon Demon's Soul


  • Creates a large sphere of damage around the caster
  • Damage sphere goes through walls
  • Damage scales with Faith stat
  • Works well with Ring of Sincere Prayer to boost damage
  • Works great for the 2-2 Crystal Lizard nest.
  • This spell isn't as quick or as powerful as Firestorm, but it's more reliable, because it always hits all targets within range.
  • This miracle is referred to as "Rage of God" in the Asian versions of the game.