Hidden Soul

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Hidden Soul.jpg

In Game Description[edit]

A new miracle, found in Boletaria

Hides the caster's Soul, making them harder to detect by Black Phantoms.

The Black Phantoms that prowl the land of Boletaria are extremely dangerous, and are the enemies of God and man alike.

General Information[edit]

Miracle Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Buff Miracle 30 N/A 1 Miracle Slot Disciple of God<ba/>Saint Urbain 3000 souls


  • Makes it harder for Black Phantoms to detect the caster.
  • It quarters the distance of the Black Phantoms aggro radius when equipped, this is half the distance of the Graverobber's Ring.
  • Stacks with the following:
  • Cannot be cast while any of the following spells are active:

This miracle is referred to as "Subdue Soul" in the Asian versions of the game.