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In Game Description[edit]

A specialist at outdoor activities. Their specialty is making long range sniping attacks with a Long Bow. They are also equipped with leather armor and a Battle Axe, so they are well balanced overall.

Starting Stats[edit]

Stat Level
Vitality 12
Intelligence 10
Endurance 13
Strength 11
Dexterity 12
Magic 8
Faith 8
Luck 12
Soul Level 6

General Information[edit]

  • Consider this class as an alternative to the Soldier , with some melee skill lost in return for ranged capabilities.
  • The Battle Axe has a very basic move-set with some attacks dealing extra damage for a direct hit.
  • The Long Bow can be aimed carefully with L1, which makes it easy to thin out enemies from afar or draw them forward one at a time.
  • Moderate Dexterity and Strength allow the use of some weapons found early in the game.
  • This is a good class for beginners looking to get used to the game, with some focus diverted to ranged attack rather than complete melee, as with the Soldier.
  • Starting class chosen for speed runs, due to Long Bow and Battle Axe.

Starting equipment[edit]

Weapons Battle Axe

Long Bow

Shields Leather Shield
Armor Leather Cap

Leather Armor

Leather Gloves

Leather Boots

Ammo Arrows (50)
Spells N/A
Consumables Crescent Moon Grass (10)

Augite of Guidance (10)

Character Classes[edit]

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