Late Moon Grass

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Late Moon Grass.JPG

In-Game Description[edit]

A medicinal herb named for the lunar phase.

Recovers a large amount of the user's HP.

General Notes[edit]

  • The effect of moon herbs changes according to the condition they're in.
  • Late Moon herbs are collections of wilted herbs that emit a faint light even in their wilted state.
  • Weight: 0.1


Restores 400 Health Points


Location Cost Amount Vendor
Nexus 500 Unlimited Patches, the Hyena
1-2 800 Unlimited Dregling Merchant
1-3 800 Unlimited Dregling Merchant
4-1 800 Unlimited Graverobber Blige
4-2 800 Unlimited Graverobber Blige
5-1 1000 Unlimited Filthy Woman
5-2 1000 Unlimited Filthy Woman

Usage Image[edit]