Legendary Soldier's Soul

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Legendary Soldiers Soul.JPG

In-Game Description[edit]

The remnants of a legendary soldier's spirit that remained in its corpse.

Use it and the Souls will be added to your stock.

Even if you leave this be, it will only become nourishment for demons. In which case…


Grants 8000 souls when consumed


Level Amount Availability
1-3 1 At the base of the steps leading to the boss fog
1-3 1 On a platform, near the top of the tower containing Yuria, the Witch
1-4 3 On the steps roasted by the Blue Dragon, near the end of the level
2-3 1 On a small ledge, just above where the Dragon God meets his demise
3-2 1 At the base of the crushed heart tower. available after clearing the worshippers from both towers
3-3 1 At the start of the level
4-2 1 Immediately after you enter the boss fog
5-2 1 Along the narrow walkway that leads back to the level start, just before the shortcut bridge