New Moon Grass

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In-Game Description[edit]

A Medical herb named for the lunar phase.

Recovers all of the user's HP.

General Notes[edit]

  • The effect of moon herbs changes according to the condition they're in.
  • New Moon herbs are collections of wilted herbs that did not decompose even after many years.
  • Weight: 0.1


Recovers health entirely.


Location Cost Amount Comment
Nexus 5000 Unlimited When three Archdemons have been destroyed in a playthrough, Patches sells New Moon Grass
Nexus Treasure 2 Found on corpse, on a ledge high above Blacksmith Boldwin
1-3 Drop 1+ Dropped by Imperial Spy
1-4 Drop 1+ Dropped by Imperial Spy and Fat Officials
2-3 Treasure 2 style="text-align: left" Near the first ballista
4-1 Chunk of Mercurystone 10 Trade one Chunk of Mercurystone with Sparkly the Crow to obtain 10 New Moon Grass.

Note - A single instance of an item can be traded with Sparkly the Crow per playthrough

4-3 Treasure 4 On the body on the left as you run down to the ruined building

All areas Drop 1+ Occasional drop 1 from regular enemies throughout the game (Depraved Ones in 5-1 for example).

Usage Image[edit]



1. the drop frequency and item amount of high value items such as this, increases in later game cycles