Old Spice

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In-Game Description[edit]

An old spice with a pungently sweet smell. Restores a large amount of the user's MP.

It is made by mixing various fermented ingredients. Because of its sharp smell and often unsavory brewers, it has been prohibited in some regions.

Weight: 0.1


Recovers 100 Mana Points


Location Cost Amount Availability
3-1 Drop Usually one Dropped by Mind Flayer in later game cycles ie. NG+ and above
3-1 1000 Unlimited Sold by Once Royal Mistress
3-1 Treasure 3 First floor, guarded by the Prisoner Horde
3-1 Treasure 1 Entrance to third floor East, near Sage Freke, the Visionary
3-2 Treasure 3 At the entrance to the first chain tower on the outer ledge
3-2 Treasure 2 At the end of the lower circular passage that surrounds the crushed heart
3-2 Treasure 4 Approaching the second chain tower, near the Crystal Lizard
3-2 Treasure 8 At the end of the upper circular passage, past the Maneater entrance
5-2 Treasure 6 Approaching the second fog gate, before the Giant Depraved One
5-2 Drop Usually one Dropped by Shamans

Usage Image[edit]