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The Archstones is a Demon's Souls Private Server that was created by Yuvi to preserve the Demon's Souls community. It offers an online experience nearly identical to the experience when the original Servers were still online. There are still some restrictions in place, but the level restriction has been lifted. You can also now choose your World Tendency by leaving specific messages in the world.

Setting up Online Play[edit]

More information and the latest updates can be found here: TheArchstones

  1. Go to Settings > Network > Internet Connection Settings > Custom > Enter Manually
  2. Change Primary DNS to
Note - RPCS3 is now compatible with the server. You can find all the prerequisites on The Archstones website.

Choosing World Tendency[edit]

  • Put down one of the following messages:
Requesting a challenger... Towards Pure Black World Tendency
You'll need a Soul Level of 10 ahead. Towards Pure White World Tendency
Write more messages! Neutral World Tendency
  • Quit the game to main menu and reload your save
  • Note that the world tendency has changed.
  • You may need to perform the action multiple times to reach a Pure World Tendency
Note - The message won't actually appear on the ground