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In-Game Description[edit]

A red Soul Sign is sent to other worlds, and you are summoned from those other worlds as a Black

Phantom. In the other world, you wager Souls in combat against the one who summoned you.

Weight 0.0


  • Allows other players to summon you to their world as a black phantom.
  • A red soul sign will appear in their world which displays your username, total number of multiplayer sessions, and peer rating totals. Unlike Blue Eye Stone , it can be dropped while in soul form or body form. It can also be dropped regardless of whether the player has cleared the level or not.


  • Player must be in an area that allows the use of the Red Eye Stone
  • Usually the start of each level
  • Other areas of individual levels.
  • If you equip and ready the Red Eye Stone as you progress through a level, it will become brighter when you reach an area that allows for it's use
  • Player must be within the level range of the summoning player (Not applicable on Yuvi's Server)
  • Player will enter the world of the summoning player in soul form (even if you use a red eye stone while in body form)
  • You lose a soul level if you die in the host world

Online Matchmaking[edit]

  • Red Eye Stone's range calculation: Host's Level, +/- (10 + 10% of Host's level). This means a level 100 Host can summon phantoms from the levels of 80 to 120.
  • More information about multiplayer ranges, including a link to a calculator, can be found on the Online Matchmaking page.


Obtained after killing the Maiden in Black in the End Game scenario


1. The extent of summoning areas varies slightly between different versions of the game