Regenerator's Ring

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Regenerators Ring.jpg

In Game Description[edit]

A strange ring of unknown origin recovers HP a little at a time…

There is a green jewel in the center of it's design, inside of which is encased a thick liquid.


Recovers 4 HP/second.


  • 4-1 Along the cliff path on the other side of the tower where you get Copper Key. Reach it by rolling over the broken down tower walls above, near where the two archers were.
  • 5-2 Turn right and hug the wall as you first enter the poison swamp, past the Mirdan Hammer , in the alcove
  • Trade the Jade Hair Ornament with Sparkly the Crow


  • Stacks with Blessed weaponry and Adjudicator 's Shield.
  • Good for swamp world 5-x to counter poison effects and to slow bleeding, plague, etc.
  • Status1: HP Recovery


1. as indicated in the in game Character status screen