Renowned Hero's Soul

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Renowned Heros Soul.JPG

In-Game Description[edit]

The remnants of a renowned hero's spirit that remained in its corpse.

Use it and the Souls will be added to your stock.

Even if you leave this be, it will only become nourishment for demons. In which case…


Grants 1000 souls when consumed


Level Amount Availability
1-2 1 In the cell to the right of Biorr's cell
2-1 1 On the platform accessed via the collapsing bridge, guarded by the Fat Official
2-2 1 At the end of a short platform that directly overlooks the Crystal Lizard that lurks in the Flying Bearbug area
3-1 1 4F E - just past the Once Royal Mistress
3-1 2 2.5 F - one each, halfway down the Jailor's Hallways
3-1 1 2F E - fourth cell from the end. The Dull Rat's Ring must be obtained, to access this area
3-2 1 Just as you begin to descend into the base of the crushed heart tower
3-2 1 Under the staircase as you ascend towards the Boss fog
4-1 1 At the top of the first set of steps
4-1 1 On the ruined staircase above the third Fog Gate
5-1 1 After descending the first ladder, turn right and drop through to the next level