Renowned Soldier's Soul

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Renowned Soldiers Soul.JPG

In-Game Description[edit]

The remnants of a renowned soldier's spirit that remained in its corpse.

Use it and the Souls will be added to your stock.

Even if you leave this be, it will only become nourishment for demons. In which case…


Grants 800 souls when consumed


Level Amount Availability
Tutorial 3 After defeating the Vanguard. In the Dragon God room
1-1 2 On the edge of the plateau roasted by the Red Dragon
1-1 1 In the execution grounds. Pure White or Black World Tendency required
1-1 2 On the edge of the plateau roasted by the Red Dragon
1-2 1 Near the crossbow soldiers who fire down, as you approach the Boss Fog
1-2 1 Near the top of the right hand staircase leading up from the Tower Knight arena
2-1 1 On your left as you encounter the Armor Spider boss
3-1 1 3F W - at the end of the walkway, almost opposite the start
3-1 1 3F E - at the end of the walkway, past where you collect the 3F Key
3-1 2 1F - Ballista (bolt throwing machine) hallway
3-1 1 2F E - last cell on the right. The Dull Rat's Ring must be obtained to access this area
3-2 1 From the start of the level, down the steps and take the first left. at the end of the walkway
3-2 1 Near the worshipers on the first chain tower
3-2 1 Between the first and second set of walkways in the swamp
3-2 1 Near the first fog gate
3-3 1 At the start of the level