Ring of Devout Prayer

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Ring of Devout Prayer.jpg

In Game Description[edit]

An extremely simple white silver ring.

Increases miracle memory capacity.

A symbol of high status in the church, it is given only to those who are devoted to pure and eternal service to God, and constant devout prayer.


Provides one more Miracle slot


  • 4-1 Trade Large Sword of Moonlight with Sparkly the Crow
  • 5-2 Trade Crest of Vinland with Selen Vinland
  • Dropped by Saint Urbain.


  • If you remove the ring with the extra Miracle equipped, then the Miracle will be forgotten.
  • If the ring is put back on then the miracle will not be reactivated.
  • Status1: Miracle Capacity UP


1. as indicated in the in game Character status screen