Ring of Sincere Prayer

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Ring of Sincere Prayer.jpg

In Game Description[edit]

Increases miracle power and vulnerability time while casting Miracles. Said to have once been found by a young Sixth Saint Astraea as one of the Revelations of god.


Increases miracle power by 50% and prolongs miracle casting time by about 10%, making the consequence to using this ring very small.


5-3 Maiden Astraea Archstone


  • Status1: Miracle Power UP
  • Miracle casting animation changes when this ring is equipped; instead of fists held together in front of the face, open hands are flung above the head. *This gesture bears a strong resemblance to the famous Praise the Sun gesture from the Dark Souls series; furthermore, in an interview in the Dark Souls 1 Design Works book, director Hidetaka Miyazaki describes this ring's animation as the origin of the latter gesture.


1. as indicated in the in game Character status screen