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In Game Description[edit]

A person of royal descent who has officially learned spells. They use the spell "Soul Arrow." Their Soul level is the worst and begins as 1, but they are the only class that begins equipped with a rare ring.

Starting Stats[edit]

Stat Level
Vitality 8
Intelligence 12
Endurance 8
Strength 9
Dexterity 12
Magic 13
Faith 12
Luck 7
Soul Level 1

General Information[edit]

  • Widely considered the easiest starting class.
  • Soul Arrow, coupled with the Royal's high Magic , one-shots most early enemies, and can be used indefinitely if the player waits for the Fragrant Ring to regenerate MP. Royals can cast a generous amount of Spells in succession due to their high MP pool, high Intelligence, Silver Coronet and Silver Catalyst.
  • Together, they grant a collective bonus of +40% MP. When melee combat is necessary, Royals can attack with their Rapier from behind the safety of their shield, counteracting their low Vitality.
  • The only threat to a Royal is attacks from several foes in cramped spaces, where they cannot effectively use ranged Magic or block successive attacks without having their guard broken, a consequence of their low Endurance.
  • The Royal's initial Soul Level of 1 allows maximum versatility when leveling up.

Starting equipment[edit]

Weapons Rapier

Silver Catalyst

Shields Buckler
Armor Silver Coronet

Wizard's Clothes

Wizard’s Gloves

Wizard’s Shoes

Fragrant Ring

Ammo N/A
Spells Soul Arrow
Consumables Half Moon Grass (4)

Royal Lotus (3)

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