Shard of Archstone

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In-Game Description[edit]

Shard of Archstone.JPG

A shard scraped off of the Archstones that are scattered about in each area.

Sends the user back to the Nexus.

The Archstones that the Monumental entrusted to the elders have been forgotten, and are now left for the mice to gnaw at.

Weight: 0.3


When used, sends the user back to the Nexus with collected souls. The effect is identical to using the Evacuate Miracle


Location Cost Amount Vendor
Nexus 5000 Unlimited Sold by Patches, the Hyena
1-1 Treasure 2 On the lower ledge near to the dragons
3-2 Treasure 1 On the platform where Yurt resides
5-1 Drop 1 to 2 Dropped by Rats
4-1 Treasure 5 Trade one Shard of Faintstone to Sparkly the Crow


5-1 Rats
Begin at the Valley of Defilement 5-1 Archstone, and make your way to the rats nest, directly below the Filthy Woman vendor. You can also take the shortcut that leads to the Ring of Magical Dullness to avoid a few enemies, from there you can either drop down the hole with the ladder, or carefully walk off the edge to land on the plank below. Don't jump right down into the nest below, but land on a shelf on the wall to the right first, and you can avoid the ambush in the nest all together. Make sure you have Pure Black World Tendency and the Large Sword of Searching in your off hand for better chances of a drop, your luck may effect the drop rate also. Using a bow, shoot the rats one by one, if you use spells cast a spell like Fireball or for melee use a large weapon with an AOE effect to take most of them out in one swing (Crescent Axe, Great Axe, Great Sword, Meat Cleaver). Firestorm or God's Wrath is not advised until the Filthy Woman vendor, directly above, moves to 5-2 after you beat Leechmonger. Be sure not to attract the Giant Depraved One near her, as he may kill her, so wear the Thief's Ring. The shards are a rare drop, but you're much better off buying them from Patches, the Hyena, or learn the Evacuate miracle, which has the same effect, from a teacher.