Shrine of Storms

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General Information[edit]

World Walkthrough Bosses NPCs Enemies
4-1, Shrine of Storms Adjudicator
- Swollen Demon's Soul
Vanguard (Optional)
- Grey Demon's Soul
- Satsuki
- Graverobber Blige (vendor)
-Sparkly the Crow (trader)
- Silver Skeleton
-Gold Skeleton
-Black Skeleton
-Storm Beast
4-2, Adjudicator Archstone Old Hero
- Hero Demon's Soul
- Graverobber Blige (vendor)
- Patches, the Hyena
- Saint Urbain
- Silver Skeleton
- Gold Skeleton
- Black Skeleton
- Storm Beast
- Reaper
- Shadowlurker
- Phosphorescent Slug
-Uchigatana Black Phantom
4-3, Old Hero Archstone Storm King
- Storm Demon's Soul
None - Storm Beast

General Strategy[edit]

  • This world is an island of ruins, populated by reanimated skeletons, bipedal manifestations of death, and hostile flying storm creatures.
  • This is a challenging location with a lot of risk, but also a lot of reward.
  • There are some very nice treasures and drops here, and the souls earned is quite high relative to enemies in other worlds.
  • The soul from Adjudicator can be used to make the Meat Cleaver which is very effective, killing the Silver Skeleton in one or two hits.
  • You will encounter enemies with very strong physical attacks including persistent physical ranged attacks, and some with strong ranged magic as well.
  • There are no fire based attackers here, but there is a small region with a poison risk.
  • The physical attacking enemies here have powerful and persistent attacks. Some strategies for success:
  • A strong shield, defenses and healing to allow you to out-survive enemies
  • A dominating melee attack to kill them quickly, or
  • Reliable ranged damage to take them out before they can get to you
  • The 3 varieties of Skeletons will show off their attributes, like fast movement, strong physical attacks, and tough physical defense
  • If you stick with physical attacks, you will find Blunt weapons are more effective and Piercing less effective
  • Magic and/or Fire-based attack or weapon enhancement is strongly recommended
  • On your first play through Fireball is a good spell choice. It is very powerful against the skeletons in general, as well as stopping their rolling attacks and leaving them vulnerable to a second hit. Two hits should kill a Silver Skeleton.
  • Much of the world is open-air, and the sky is patrolled by hostile flying spike-throwing manta rays.
  • Equipping the Thief's Ring and making your equip burden lighter stops the rays from noticing you and shooting at you. Especially handy when traversing cliff faces covered in skeletons.
  • They have quite a long range for detecting you and attacking, so you can get hits without ever hearing the warning sound.
  • Be prepared for strong Magic ranged attacks from reapers and their phantom minions. The skeletons Holy Arrows are magic also.
  • You will spend a lot of time traversing a narrow ledge along a cliff face, which will both constrict your movement and your weapon swings.
  • Be aware of your environment and your weapon attack animations. There is not much as annoying as attacking a Gold Skeleton along a wall to your right which protects it from your attacks, but doesn't protect you from his.
  • Well, almost as annoying is the tendency to jump off the cliff when your target lock switches from a dying meleeing skeleton to a distant flying storm beast. If you have learned to melee without locking on the target, you won't worry about this.
  • The slug pools can be annoying if you are just passing through, but are not generally difficult once you learn the rules. The floating lights are the same sort of explosive encountered in Stonefang, except that they deal magic damage instead of fire damage.
  • It's a good low-stress environment to learn the slug attack patterns. Don't let them gang up on you or get trapped against a wall.

Archstone of the Shadowmen[edit]

  • Shrine of Storms
  • The island shrine of the Shadowmen, who worship storms & mourn the dead.
  • Here, the Storm Beasts fly above and the souls of the dead inhabit empty skeletons to move about freely.
  • Adjudicator Archstone
  • Archstone of the Demon Adjudicator
  • The dead, given seals of the hero by the Adjudicator, are taken to the Shadowmen's shrine to be purified and mourned in the storm.
  • Old Hero Archstone
  • Archstone of the Demon Old Hero
  • After purification, heroes' remains are offered to the Storm King. His wings cover the sky, and he is accompanied by Storm Beasts.
  • Storm King Archstone
  • Archstone of the Demon Storm King
  • Like a huge flying stingray, the Storm King is the embodiment of the thoughts of Shadowmen from hundreds of years ago.

World Tendency Representation[edit]