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In Game Description[edit]

A low-class soldier that always stands at the frontline of battlegrounds. This is the standard soldier type with especially high vitality and hard armor. Besides a straight sword, they are equipped with a spear, thus broadening their battle style.

Starting Stats[edit]

Stat Level
Vitality 14
Intelligence 9
Endurance 12
Strength 12
Dexterity 11
Magic 8
Faith 10
Luck 10
Soul Level 6

General Information[edit]

  • Soldiers are a good choice for beginners who want an easier time getting used to melee combat.
  • The Broad Sword and Short Spear complement each other fairly well; the sword can be used to fight multiple enemies or two-handed for extra damage, while the Short Spear is great for tight spaces.
  • The Soldier's Shield is nothing special, though it can be quickly replaced, and the Plate Armor set provides high defense at the cost of mobility, though the high Vitality allows plenty of damage absorption.
  • The Soldier is a well-balanced class overall.

Starting equipment[edit]

Weapons Broad Sword

Short Spear

Shields Soldier's Shield
Armor Plate Helmet

Coat of Plate

Plate Gauntlet

Plate Legging

Ammo Bolts
Spells N/A
Consumables Crescent Moon Grass (10)

Soldier's Lotus (3)

Character Classes[edit]

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