Soul Remains

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In-Game Description[edit]

The remnants of an old hero's Soul drifting partially into another world.

Attracts those who are hungry for Souls.

Weight: 0.1


An item you can throw that sticks to whatever object it hits first and can be thrown on a locked target. Diverts demons attention towards the remains, works well in conjunction with Thief's Ring or Cloak. Can be traded to the Crow in return for White Arrow x10


Location Cost Amount Vendor
4-1, 4-2 500 Unlimited Sold by Graverobber Blige
4-1, 4-2 Drop Usually one Dropped by Skeletons


It stays alive for roughly 10 seconds.


  • Soul Remains allows you to distract enemies' attention away from you so you catch a few seconds to patch up.
  • Once a mob is locked onto Soul Remains, you easily walk pass it without any incident. Occasionally the enemy will target the Soul Remains for a few seconds and resume attacking you.
  • A useful way to utilize Soul Remains is the Chain Backstab.
  • Lock onto your target, throw Soul Remains and backstab. Once the enemy recovers rinse and repeat.
  • Does not seem to work on bosses, works on BPs and named BPs. Garl Vinland is considered a "boss".