Stone of Ephemeral Eyes

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In-Game Description[edit]

An eye stone which has deteriorated more than halfway.

Resurrects the user's body.

Can only be used in Soul form. Once it is used, it crumbles away and is lost.

Weight: 0.1


Revive yourself to body form at any time, with full HP and MP

Constraints on use[edit]

Can only be used in your own world. Therefore, cannot be used when playing as a Blue or Black Phantom


Location Cost Amount Availability
Nexus 50000 3 Patches, the Hyena
Nexus Gift 2 With 20+ Faith, speak to the Worshiper of God (Urbain's Female Follower).In addition she will give you a Pure Faintstone
Nexus Treasure 1 On a dead body, at the level beneath The Monumental
Nexus Treasure 1 Inside the Pantheon at the top of the Nexus, to the far left (only accessible online)
1-2 Treasure 1 On the walkway approaching the Tower Knight arena, before the drawbridge
1-2 Treasure 1 On top of the last tower, behind the archers, before the Tower Knight arena
1-3 Treasure 1 On the body crushed by the portcullis in the first cutscene
1-3 Treasure 1 On the way to rescue Yuria. At the end of the passageway accessible after obtaining the Bloody Key
1-4 Treasure 1 In the small passageway to left of the three Black Phantoms met at the start of the level
1-4 Treasure 1 Above and to the right of the doorway that the Blue Dragon perches over
2-1 Treasure 1 At the start of Stonfang tunnel. Take the elevator in the first building down to where the Primeval Demon is in PBWT
2-1 Treasure 1 To the right of the third fog gate guarded by the barrel exploding Fat Official
2-2 Treasure 1 Near the Flamelurker boss fog
2-2 Treasure 1 Near to the lava beds, in the dead end tunnel guarded by a Large Bearbug
2-2 Treasure 1 Under the walkway, near to where you meet Patches, the Hyena
2-2 Drop 2 Kill the two Great Club Black Phantoms guarding the Lizard nest
2-3 Treasure 1 On the steps available after activating the first ballista
3-1 Treasure 1 Inside the Iron Maiden in the first cell on the left after the first fog gate
3-1 Treasure 1 After getting PWWT and obtaining the 2F key from 3-2, the gate between the prisoner horde and the ballista machine will be unlockable.
In the first cell on the right up these stairs is the stone
3-1 Treasure 1 At end of the ballista hallway, on a small lower ledge
3-1 Treasure 1 On the ballista bridge
3-1 Drop 2 Kill the Baby's Nail Black Phantom on the church steps
3-2 Treasure 1 Near to the bottom of the elevator in the first chaintower
3-2 Treasure 1 At the base of the second chaintower after the first Man Centipede infested walkway
3-2 Treasure 1 Next to the fallen heart after releasing both chaintowers
4-1 Trade 3 Trade one Pure Faintstone with Sparkly the Crow for three stones
4-1 Treasure 1 Just below Sparkly the Crow , in a small niche with the Crystal Lizard
4-1 Treasure 1 On the first floor ledge in the Adjudicator boss arena
4-1 Treasure 1 At the end of the extended path above the Adjudicator's Shield
4-2 Treasure 1 As you enter the level, on the left, behind a pillar. Careful now.
4-2 Treasure 1 At the top of the left hand stairway, near the first Reaper
4-2 Drop 1 Kill the Uchigatana Black Phantom guarding Urbain
4-2 Treasure 1 On the far left of the Phosphorescent Slug room, in a small niche
4-3 Treasure 1 Just past the Archstone, on the right
5-1 Treasure 1 Opposite the first Giant Ticks with the Saint's Robe
5-1 Varies Unlimited Buy from the Filthy Woman. See vendor page for price and availability details.
5-2 Drop 2 Kill the Meat Cleaver Black Phantom in the first swamp
5-2 Treasure 1 On the large island near the first fog gate
5-2 Treasure 3 On a small island, close to the rickety walkway that leads back to the level start.
Guarded by four Giant Depraved Ones
5-2 Varies Unlimited Initially Buy from the Filthy Woman. See vendor page for price and availability details.
5-3 Treasure 1 In the center of the Plague Babies swamp
5-3 Drop 1 Kill the Plague Babies in the swamp

Notes on Use[edit]

The Stone of Ephemeral Eyes is commonly used to alter World Tendency. Simply by using the stone to turn into Body Form and then dying within a world causing a -1 shift in World Tendency. + Show Total available