Stonefang 2-1 Walkthrough

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Stonefang Tunnel[edit]

Boss NPCs Enemies Notable Loot!
Armor Spider
- Hard Demon's Soul
Blacksmith Ed (upgrade)
Filthy Man (vendor)
Scale Miners
Fire Lizard
Fat Official
Kris Blade
Crushing Battle Axe +1
Great Club
Steel Shield
Ring of Poison Resistance
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes x2
Sticky White Stuff x2
Shard of Sharpstone x13
Large Sharpstone Shard x2
Shard of Hardstone x14
Large Hardstone Shard x5
Shard of Clearstone x6
Chunk of Clearstone x1
Shard of Dragonstone x2
Shard of Spiderstone x2
Chunk of Spiderstone x2
Pure Spiderstone
Shard of Meltstone

Enemy ID and Stats[edit]

Name ID HP Souls Defense Resistance
Physical Slash Blunt Thrust Magic Fire Poison Plague Bleed
Fat Official 208002 520 548 88 0 50 0 96 51 100 100 75
Scale Miner (Pickaxe) 211000 133 4 240 25 -25 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Bag) 211001 133 3 240 25 -25 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Stiletto) 211002 133 12 240 25 -25 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Sword) 211003 133 14 240 25 -25 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Official's minion-Bag) 211004 130 0 80 25 -25 -65 16 53 100 100 100
Scale Miner (Official's minion-Pickaxe) 211005 250 0 80 25 -25 -65 16 53 100 100 100
Scale Miner (Hammer) 211006 133 4 240 25 -25 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Bare hands) 211007 133 3 240 25 -25 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Pickaxe) 211008 174 42 240 25 -25 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Rock throwing-bare hands) 211009 112 36 240 25 -25 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Rock throwing-bare hands) 211014 112 38 240 25 -25 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Pickaxe-Black Phantom) 211019 174 165 240 25 -25 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Bag) 1 211300 133 3 240 0 0 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Bag) 2 211301 133 3 240 0 0 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Bag) 3 211302 133 3 240 0 0 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner (Bag) 4 211303 133 3 240 0 0 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner 2 (Bag-jacket) 1 211310 133 3 240 0 0 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner 2 (Bag-jacket) 2 211311 133 3 240 0 0 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Scale Miner 2 (Bag-jacket) 3 211312 133 3 240 0 0 -65 15 110 75 75 200
Dog 301002 95 29 88 0 0 0 48 85 100 100 100
Crystal Lizard 311013 84 10 320 50 -25 -50 410 233 999 999 999
Crystal Lizard 311014 84 10 320 50 -25 -50 410 233 999 999 999
Fire Lizard 312000 142 51 80 0 0 0 16 606 500 500 500
Armor Spider 510000 1650 5950 135 10 -10 -20 80 179 999 999 999
Primeval Demon 511004 55 105 400 0 50 0 166 295 200 200 500
Filthy Man 710000 350 13 350 0 0 0 160 133 100 100 100
Blacksmith Ed 713000 1250 2420 165 0 0 0 110 126 200 200 100

Special Effect Multipliers[edit]

Special Effect Multipliers are blanket multipliers that are applied to NPCs, including Black Phantoms. For example, if the HP multiplier is "x2", the NPC will have twice the health that the player would have if they had identical stats and equipment. The NPC's attack multipliers are applied before the damage is affected by the player's defenses and resistances. Damage received by the NPC is slightly more complicated. When the player does damage to the NPC, the raw damage is put into a formula and computed against the NPC's resistances. These resistances are multiplied by the values in the Physical/Magic/Fire Defense columns before calculation. Afterward, the remaining damage is reduced by resistances, it is then multiplied by the Damage reduction multipliers in the Physical/Magic/Fire Reduction columns. The output damage remaining is the dealt to the NPC.

Enemy HP Stamina
Attack Damage Reduction Defense Resistance
Physical Magic Fire Physical Magic Fire Physical Magic Fire Poison Plague Bleed
Fat Official x1.05 x1.05 x1.15 x1.15 x1.15 - - - - - - - - -
Scale Miner x1.05 x1.05 x1.15 x1.15 x1.15 - - - - - - - - -
Scale Miner (Black Phantom) x2.1 x1.05 x1.725 x1.725 x1.725 - - - x1.725 x1.725 x1.725 - - -
Dog x1.05 x1.05 x1.15 x1.15 x1.15 - - - - - - - - -
Crystal Lizard x1.05 x1.05 x1.15 x1.15 x1.15 - - - - - - Immune Immune Immune
Fire Lizard x1.05 x1.05 x1.15 x1.15 x1.15 - - x0 - - - - - -
Armor Spider x1.05 x1.05 x1.15 x1.15 x1.15 - - - - - - Immune Immune Immune
Primeval Demon x1.05 x1.05 x1.15 x1.15 x1.15 - - - - - - - - -

World Tendency Events[edit]

White World[edit]

No White World events

Black World[edit]

  • A Primeval Demon is located outside, at the bottom of the elevator where enemies are throwing boulders. You can see the demon from the stairs at the archstone.
  • Note: The Primeval Demon shows up one World Tendency lighter than Pure Black and is likely to drop a Colorless Demon's Soul when killed.
  • The wheel to activate the platform is inside the building
  • A Pickaxe wielding Black Phantom Scale Miners is added to the 3 Flame Blade wielding Scale Miners by the second fog-gate. If you break the barrels and cart straight here, it will lead to the outside where you can activate the rotating platform used to reach Blacksmith Ed
  • Two Pickaxe wielding Black Phantoms Scale Miners is added to the group of Flame Blade Wielding Scale Miners and stone throwers. They are alert to rear approach.
  • Note: there is a Crystal Lizard in front of them
  • A Pickaxe wielding Black Phantom Scale Miner is at the end of the last Wooden Bridge, before the Boss area

Walkthrough and Map[edit]

2-1 Stonefang Tunnel Map - numbered sections below correlate to circled numbers on the map
  1. Your starting point, climb the stairs to proceed.
  2. Look for the Filthy Man sitting here, he is a merchant. Note the currently inoperable elevator behind him. This will lead you to Blacksmith Ed once reactivated. To your left is a Crystal Lizard, and a Soul further down the path. Be wary of several falls in this area. Be wary of false messages here as well; do not attempt to jump down anywhere near here.
  3. Watch the Scale Miners throwing rocks down on you from here. You can shoot the one on the left with one of your arrows. He won't die, but he will turn around and stop throwing boulders down at you. Also, I hope you read the permanent developer-placed messages telling you that thrust attacks and magic damage are potent against these guys. There is an item to the left here, behind some breakable objects. But be careful as the Scale Miners can adjust their aim and hit you there.
  4. Note the lever here to activate this side elevator. Riding to the top you will face a Fat Official and those two Scale Miners. Pick up the Crushing Battle Axe +1 up here if you are a Strength-oriented melee player. Ride the elevator down to pick up a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Note that purple enemy location, this is the Primeval Demon for Stonefang Tunnel (requires Pure Black World Tendency here to appear). Stay alert as you move through the tunnel connecting these two large chambers.
  5. Some dogs will bust through the yellow pottery as you approach this room, so be ready. Inside there is another Fat Official guarding some Ore. You can trade shots with him from outside of the room, sidestepping his projectiles. Be wary of the tunnel to the right, as a Pickaxe wielding Scale Miners is waiting to ambush you.
  6. Two Scale Miners at the top of these small stairs. The second is waiting to ambush you from the little doorway to the right, so be ready for him. Just keep your shield raised at all times and be attentive. You can get a Pickaxe of your own from a side room here.
  7. This gate is locked and will need to be opened with a nearby lever. Note the Fat Official on the wooden platform here. He will shoot at you as you run around. If you approach him on the bridge, it will collapse, depositing you below so that you can head towards the lever. You can also cross the broken bridge by running along the length of the left plank support rail. Be sure to pick up the items littering this area. There is a developer-placed white phantom that pulls the lever when you look at it.
  8. This is the lever, as stated above, a developer-placed white phantom will pull the lever to mark its location as you search for it. Be on the look out. You can also pick up some of Ed's Grindstones by smashing through some rubble south of the lever, by the two Scale Miners poking around nearby.
  9. Your first sighting of the Fire Lizards. You can also find your one and only free Meltstone here (reduces weapons to base level, losing all applied ore).
  10. There is a lava pit here. Please do not try to run through, as you will die. You'll put out the lava with a switch further ahead. Also, note the side area with the mass of Fire Lizards. Knock them off the walls with ranged attacks and then claim the Shard of Dragonstone that they guard. Also, push past the fog gate here and smash the wagons to head outside.
  11. Hopefully you passed that fog gate, smashing up the wagons along the way, and ended up outside. Enjoy the view for a moment. Turn left, grab the item, then come back and head right. Pull the lever here to activate the elevator. Rhythm is needed to ride the elevator safely, do not roll or run through the elevator as you might fall. This new shortcut to ground level also leads down to Blacksmith Ed. He is the best blacksmith in the game, and necessary to make elemental weapons or Demon Souls-derived weapons. Try your best not to make him mad. Also, note the body on the small wooden platform halfway up the elevator holding an item.
  12. Does this stairway look familiar? Can you guess what might happen at the top of it? Yes, another Scale Miners ambush. From here head through their crude workshop, being on the lookout for the items here. As you go outside, you might notice a walkway with a wooden plank leading to several items. This plank breaks when you go across it. So sprint at full speed to get the items. You'll get a Great Club and some Souls for your trouble. Then drop down and backtrack to Point 12.
  13. First, when you come out of the foundry, to your left a Crystal Lizard will appear here just around this corner. So as not to disturb it, turn to your right. I think it's easier to attack this Crystal Lizard by turning to your right, smashing through the barrels, and proceeding up the hidden stairs through Point 14. If you do go left, know that there are large Scale Miners behind this gecko. The two without weapons will throw boulders at you as you approach. You can snipe them if you wish, then fight the guys with the weapons. Again, I suggest you turn around and smash through those barrels behind you and take the hidden staircase which goes to Point 14 so you can attack them from behind.
  14. This area is directly above those Scale Miners. Grab the Grasses up here, then head to the far end. You can drop on the small raised platform here for a Soul. Then drop again for the Steel Shield , a basic large shield. Now you are behind those rock throwers, and can sneak away, or fight them. Use arrows or magic to dispatch them taking note of the Crystal Lizard on the other side. Take it out with arrows and collect its valuable ore.
  15. You'll have to trek to this Point to activate the lever to put out the lava pit. Some things to watch for along the way: 1) The Fire Lizards on that tower. Shoot the visible ones from far away to knock them down and fight them one or two at a time. Then very carefully proceed around the tower in a counter-clockwise motion. There will be a Fire Lizard ambushing you at the first corner, but this path lets you get the drop on 2 that would ambush you at the opposite corner by the item set as a trap for you. 2) There are some more Dogs as you climb down from the tower. They might run up the ramp, or can snap you through the ground as you walk down the ramp yourself. Be prepared for either case. 3) As you reach this ground floor, there are quite a few Pickaxe carrying Scale Miners waiting to ambush you. Be ready for them, and collect the Soul down here. Now pull that lever to put out the lava, then drop down and backtrack.
  16. Now at the depleted lava pit you can cross safely. Be sure to check that side area on the left for a Ring of Poison Resistance. You also get some Ore and Grasses here.
  17. There is a Fat Official here in a room PACKED with exploding barrels. To go forward blindly is suicide. You can: bait his attacks to clear some of the barrels, snipe him from halfway up the stairs, or break some barrels yourself then proceed down. The right half of the room is fairly safe. Use the pillars to block his attacks. After you beat laughing boy, check the next area on your right for a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
  18. There is a Scale Miners way above the path who wants to drop a rock on your head. But luckily for you, assuming you slowed down to look at the webbing around you, he is a numbskull and drops his boulder far too early, then drops down and damages himself. Kill this fool and proceed casually.
  19. Apparently there is a glitchy spot here where you might get stuck. Try not to climb on weird scenery here.
  20. This elevator leads you to the Armor Spider boss. Before that though, go around behind it for some Spiderstone. Also, climb the wooden walkway and follow it around for the Kris Blade. This nifty item acts like a Ring of Magical Sharpness, buffing your magic spell attack power while lowering your magic defense. Hold it in the opposite hand of your Catalyst to use its bonus effect.
  21. First, before heading through the fog gate, turn back around and head down that small tunnel for more Spiderstone. Proceed through the fog gate. See the Armor Spider link for more information.