Storied Hero's Soul

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Storied Heros Soul.JPG

In-Game Description[edit]

The remnants of a storied hero's spirit that remained in its corpse.

Use it and the Souls will be added to your stock.

Even if you leave this be, it will only become nourishment for demons. In which case…


Grants 4000 souls when consumed


Level Amount Availability
1-2 1 In the cell across from Biorr's cell
1-3 1 On an isolated platform below where the trio of crossbow soldiers stand
1-3 1 On a small isolated platform accessible only by ladder, after passing through the first Fog Gate
1-3 1 At the end of the walkway patrolled by the second Claymore wielding Red Eye Knight
2-2 1 In a small alcove in the Flamelurker arena
3-2 2 At the base of the crushed heart tower
4-1 1 To the right of Vanguard, as you face each other
4-3 1 Just below where the Archstone appears
5-1 1 Opposite the second Fog Gate
5-2 3 Evenly spaced along the fence, before the first Fog Gate
5-2 1 To left of the second Fog Gate, at the base of the ramp that leads to the Slug's Nest
5-2 1 Just past the Filthy Woman as you enter the Shanty Town
5-2 1 At the far end of the Shanty Town at the lower level
5-2 1 On the upper level of the Shanty Town