Maiden in Black

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Maiden in Black

General Description[edit]

The Maiden in Black's is a very mysterious character. According the Monumental, she is imprisoned in the Nexus and it is her duty to lull the Old One back to sleep. She helps those who hunt Demons and this has turned her to a Demon herself, allowing her to possess a Demon's Souls, the Maiden in Black's Demon's Soul. Visibly, you can see her eyes are covered by something and according to the Crestfallen Warrior, her eyes are occluded with wax. He also reinforces that she will help you fight the Demons by controlling souls like no one else can. She will embolden your flesh and blood with their power. According to her dialogue, she has always been in the Nexus. She was here when the Old One was awakened, presumable this means the first time in the distant past, long before King Allant.

How she is able to communicate with the Old One is unknown but it is apparent that she can. She speaks to the Old One after the player kills are the Archdemons letting him know that she has brought what it desired, the player.


Nexus after defeating the boss of World 1-1, Phalanx

Tendency Events[edit]



  • Talk to her to increase stats. You cannot upgrade stats until you have beaten the boss of 1-1 Phalanx
  • Don't worry about accidentally attacking the Maiden - she'll never become hostile, and, after a short delay, comes back to life when killed.
  • She moves around a bit, but is always visible near the archstones. The places she can be found are:
  • Sitting next to the last Archstone you entered
  • Standing directly next to Stockpile Thomas
  • Standing between Boldwin and the Archstone for Boletarian Palace
  • Sitting against a column across the hall from Thomas, towards the Valley of Defilement
  • Standing at the edge of the transparent seal in the center floor
  • Beside the small statue where you re-appear when you die in the Nexus
  • Standing in the center of the stairs leading down to the area with dozens of messages.
  • If you choose the good game ending, you get the Maiden in Black's Demon's Soul (can be used to purchase the spell Soulsucker from Yuria during NG+).


All dialogue text is © Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Intro (Nexus)
Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel.
Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended.
Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel.
Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended,
so the world might be mended.
This is the Nexus.
It holds together the northern land of Boletaria.
Thou canst not exit the Nexus,
but each of the five Archstones will connect thee to another node.
After beating Phalanx (1-1)
Welcome back.
The Monumental awaits thee, above.
The Monumental will explain the Nexus to thee.
After talking to Monumental:
Brave soul, who fears not death.
Prithee, lull the Old One back to its ancient slumber.
(text: The Maiden controls inhuman souls. With this power she may help those who slay Demons.)
What is it? Dost thou seek soul power?
I understand. Pray forgive me.
Perhaps my opinion of you was wrong, I am sorry.
I have always been here in this Nexus.
I was here when the Old One awakened, and I will be here when It rests once again.
So be it.
After all thou requireth strength.
Go forth; touch the Demon inside me. Let these ownerless souls become thine own.
While seeking Soul Power
Soul of the mind, key to life's ether.
Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel.
Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended.
So the world might be mended.
After seeking Soul Power
Art thou done? May thine strength help the world be mended.
When approached again
Thou seeketh soul power, dost thou not?
Then touch the Demon inside me.
As for me? I am only here to tend to the flames.
I keep the candles lit and serve the brave Demon slayers who are trapped here.
When leaving
I shall await thine return, slayer of Demons. I am here for thee and thee only.
When running off:
Wait… Where are you…?
When killed
I'm sorry. I cannot die. Not while the Nexus binds me…
After beating all five Archdemons
Hark, I hear a voice of yore. The Old One is calling for thee. Let us proceed below to its lair.
Old one, I have brought thee what thou wisheth. Thine new Demon. Come, now, be good.
Let us proceed below to its lair.
After beating King Allant
Thine work is done.
Slayer of Demons, go back above. The Nexus shall imprison thee no longer.
I shall lull the Old One back to slumber.
The Old One and I shall slumber interminably. That is the way it must be.
Thou may'st go. Be gone to thine world.
When leaving
My thanks.
At last… at last… my duty is fulfilled…

Voiced by: Evetta Muradasilova