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In Game Description[edit]

They are hired by royalty and engage in dirty jobs. This character is good at sneaky tactics such as surprise attacks, ambushes, and critical attacks after parrying. They have very good luck.

Starting Stats[edit]

Stat Level
Vitality 10
Intelligence 13
Endurance 10
Strength 9
Dexterity 14
Magic 10
Faith 8
Luck 15
Soul Level 9

General Information[edit]

  • Has low attack power and armor but very high agility.
  • Dodging and rolling is easy, as is lining up to backstab enemies (bonus damage).
  • Their insanely high Luck means you will get plenty of item drops and usually not be at a shortage of herbs.
  • However, while the starting Buckler and Dagger are fast, they don't provide much in the way of attack power or damage reduction, and due to low Strength Thiefs cannot readily use any of the other equipment that is found frequently in the beginning of the game.
  • Thieves do have the highest starting Soul Level , which gives them an advantage over other classes early in the game, though it is more expensive to level up from the start.

Starting equipment[edit]

Weapons Dagger

Short Bow

Shields Buckler
Armor Assassin’s Mask

Black Leather

Black Gloves

Black Boots

Ammo Arrows (20)
Spells N/A
Consumables Crescent Moon Grass (8)

Throwing Knives (10)

Character Classes[edit]

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