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Tower of Latria[edit]

Boss NPCs Enemies Notable Loot!
Fool's Idol
- Doll Demon's Soul
- Once Royal Mistress (vendor)
- Sage Freke, the Visionary
- Lord Rydell
- Baby's Nail Black Phantom
- Mind Flayer
- Prisoner
- Prisoner Horde
- Secret Dagger
- Parrying Dagger
- Geri's Stiletto
- Mercury Rapier +1
- Estoc
- Claws
- Phosphorescent Pole (BP Lord Rydell)
- Heavy Crossbow
- Wooden Catalyst
- Silver Catalyst
- Kite Shield
- Ring of Magical Sharpness
- Clever Rat's Ring
- Dull Rat's Ring (Lord Rydell)
- Assassin's Mask
- Black Leather
- Black Gloves
- Black Boots
- Fluted Helmet
- Fluted Armor

Enemy ID and Stats[edit]

Name ID HP Souls Defense Resistance
Physical Slash Blunt Thrust Magic Fire Poison Plague Bleed
Prisoner 207000 96 3 72 -25 0 0 65 47 75 75 75
Prisoner (Idol) 207001 96 3 72 -25 0 0 65 47 75 75 75
Prisoner (Drops Ring) 207002 96 15 72 -25 0 0 65 47 75 75 75
Prisoner (Thorn Sword) 207004 96 16 72 -25 0 0 65 47 75 75 75
Prisoner (Spear) 207005 96 24 72 -25 0 0 65 47 75 75 75
Prisoner (Inside Iron Maiden) 207006 96 16 72 -25 0 0 65 47 75 75 75
Prisoner Horde 207500 458 1036 104 -25 0 65 411 396 100 100 100
Once Royal Mistress 209000 320 32 310 0 0 0 160 133 100 100 100
Crystal Lizard 311006 84 10 320 50 -25 -50 410 233 999 999 999
Mind Flayer 403000 212 428 98 0 25 0 116 71 75 75 75
Mind Flayer (Black Phantom) 403005 212 947 98 0 25 0 116 71 75 75 75
Fool's Idol 506000 1620 8430 93 0 0 0 116 79 999 999 999
Clone of Fool's Idol 506001 1620 0 93 0 0 0 116 79 999 999 999

Special Effect Multipliers[edit]

Special Effect Multipliers are blanket multipliers that are applied to NPCs, including Black Phantoms. For example, if the HP multiplier is "x2", the NPC will have twice the health that the player would have if they had identical stats and equipment. The NPC's attack multipliers are applied before the damage is affected by the player's defenses and resistances. Damage received by the NPC is slightly more complicated. When the player does damage to the NPC, the raw damage is put into a formula and computed against the NPC's resistances. These resistances are multiplied by the values in the Physical/Magic/Fire Defense columns before calculation. Afterward, the remaining damage is reduced by resistances, it is then multiplied by the Damage reduction multipliers in the Physical/Magic/Fire Reduction columns. The output damage remaining is the dealt to the NPC.

Enemy HP Stamina
Attack Damage Reduction Defense Resistance
Physical Magic Fire Physical Magic Fire Physical Magic Fire Poison Plague Bleed
Prisoner x1.15 x1.12 x1.32 x1.32 x1.32 - - - x1.05 x1.05 x1.05 - - -
Prisoner Horde x1.15 x1.12 x1.32 x1.32 x1.32 - - - x1.05 x1.05 x1.05 - - -
Crystal Lizard x1.15 x1.12 x1.32 x1.32 x1.32 - - - x1.05 x1.05 x1.05 Immune Immune Immune
Mind Flayer x1.15 x1.12 x1.32 x1.32 x1.32 - - - x1.05 x1.05 x1.05 - - -
Mind Flayer (Black Phantom) x2.3 x1.575 x1.98 x1.98 x1.98 - - - x1.575 x1.575 x1.575 - - -
Fool's Idol x1.15 x1.12 x1.32 x1.32 x1.32 - - - x1.05 x1.05 x1.05 Immune Immune Immune
Clone of Fool's Idol x1.15 x1.12 x1.32 x1.32 x1.32 - - - x1.05 x1.05 x1.05 Immune Immune Immune

World Tendency Events[edit]

White World[edit]

  • 2F West, path previously blocked by debris is accessible now. Pure White World Tendency required.
  • Once unlocked it will stay unlocked even if World Tendency changes later.
  • Items found in the cells Prison of Hope, 2F West
  • Unlocking his cell is not dependent on World Tendency , but getting the key from 3-2 is. If you unlock his empty cell during Pure Black World Tendency, he will stay inside until you talk to him, after this the World Tendency shifts back towards White.
  • Rescuing Rydell has no effect on his Black Phantom form. Remember that Latria's Archstone will be darker due to its position at the back of the screen, so suicide in Body Form one more time to ensure Pure Black when going for his BP form.
  • Drops nothing if killed, unless he's killed before he gives the Dull Rat's Ring.
  • Prison of Hope, 2F East is accessible after you free Rydell, and let him live.

Black World[edit]

  • He will appear whether you have freed him or not
  • Black Phantom Mind Flayer outside the door on 1F behind the Prisoner Horde enemy, towards Ballista
  • Black Phantom Mind Flayer in the room where the two warden's corridors come together at the exit door
  • Black Phantom Mind Flayer on the open path between the warden's corridor exit and the first tower

Walkthrough and Map[edit]

3-1 Tower of Latria Map - numbered sections below correlate to circled numbers on the map
  1. Welcome to map reading hell. This is your starting point, it is in the top center of the map. I'm sure the map is bombarding you with item names left and right. If you see a long list of items in one spot, it is likely a set of starting armor for one of several classes: Magician , Thief, and Knight.
  2. Since the section to the right of the starting point is locked for now, you'll end up at this point. Watch out for the Mind Flayer here. These guys have powerful ranged magic spells, and can paralyze you and deliver a fatal blow if you try to melee them from the front. Kill them from afar with arrows or magic, or hide at the end of their patrol routes and attack their backsides when they walk away from you. An extra large weapon can knock them down. Grab the key here to open the cells in this and the adjoining area. You'll get a set of Magician 's gear nearby.
  3. A tunnel leads from Point 2 to this area. Watch out for another guard here, then grab the gate key from the wall. Loot the place then return to the beginning of the map and proceed to point 4.
  4. With key in hand you can open this gate now and proceed towards point 5. You'll find your first Iron Maidens here. The one in the cell on the left has a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes in it. There are other items in these cells. The Dreglings imprisoned here aren't too aggressive, and guard three items, so kill them all for some loot. You may get some valuable spice items which will come in handy. In the cell with two Iron Maidens, one has a Black Leather set from the Thief class.
  5. This Iron Maiden, and others on this map, marked with a green icon (which means 'poison' in Japanese), are traps. Inside is a live Dregling with a poisoned knife. Open it an you automatically get stabbed. So it is a good idea to have a Royal Lotus in one of your five equipped item slots.
  6. Look out for the guard patrolling here. Once you finish him off, check the dead end spot for your next key. Watch out for that Pitfall across from the key. With it you can open that locked gate in the previous hallway. Watch out for another guard patrolling here. He kills those that rush around this blind corner.
  7. The Once Royal Mistress is singing in a cell here. She functions as the vendor for this map. Unlike other vendors, she won't move from this spot. She sells the cheapest Fresh Spice in the game and is the only vendor selling Old Spice. The cell across from her filled with Dreglings is only holding a Soul. If you are confident, fight them, otherwise just ignore them all and leave the cell locked.
  8. This room with filled with Iron Maidens. The one by itself, marked with that green poison icon, is another trap. But the 3 clumped together contain the Ring of Magical Sharpness(magic spell power increased while magic defense is decreased) and some Souls. Proceed along the stairs. The opposite landing has Sage Freke in it, but he is locked away for now. So go down the semi-hidden stairs descending down between the landings.
  9. Remember the location of these two side gates. They lead to the Jailor's Hall. Grab the key while you are here and proceed onward for now. The floor halfway down the staircase leads to Lord Rydell the NPC. If your World Tendency is Pure White the rubble near him will clear, allowing you to get some Venerable Sage's Robe.
  10. At this bottom level is a Prisoner Horde enemy to your right. This mass of gray bodies can fire powerful ranged magic at you, but must charge up for a few seconds as a warning for you to hide behind one of the pillars here. If you try melee, a half dozen swords appear around him and he will swing wildly at you. Arrows work really well on him. Be aware that there is a Crystal Lizard in the second hallway behind him. Feel free to loot the cells here. But be wary of the pitfall on the eastern hallway, and of the full set of Fluted Armor in that same hallway. If you take the first hallway after the Prisoner Horde, you will find a pile of coffins and debris in one corner. Break through that to get to a hidden doorway that leads outside. Down the stairs on the left you'll find some a Shard of Moonlightstone. Still outside, around the hallway to the right you'll find an Estoc on a dead soldier.
  11. This gate can be opened with a key from 3-2 that requires Pure White World Tendency. Just ignore it for now. *NOTE* see obtaining the Dull Rat's Ring from Lord Rydell in 3-1 as this unlocks the door to the second floor.
  12. Avoid running through the arrow walkway as it can be shut off by taking a detour through the Jailor's Hallway. Speaking of which, grab the Warden's Key from the end of the arrow walkway. Also, you can drop onto the small pathways on either side of the main walkway. One has a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. The other has a Mercury Rapier +1. In getting both of the above items, you can return to the main platform by walking on the ledge until you reach the spot where there is an opening on the fence (one for each item).
  13. Return to the Jailor's Hallway. Open the gates, either one works, and head on through. Watch out for the two guards at the far ends. Each side has an item as well. Once outside you'll walk through a staircase. If you climb to the top and follow the path to the end you'll get a Silver Catalyst. While your spells will be at their weakest with this wand, it increases your MP capacity by 20%(which stacks with the Silver Coronet you should have picked up along the way through this level).
  14. Push the lever on the backside of the statue to shut it off. You can loot the arrow walkway now. Among the loot is a Clever Rat's Ring , which boosts your attack power when your current health is 30% of maximum or less.
  15. Take this second staircase before approaching the boss. There are Widow's Lotuses that you can grab by dropping down onto that little ledge halfway down the raised catwalk. But they are a trap of sorts. There is a Baby's Nail wielding Black Phantom below this area with a Thief's Ring equipped. She is invisible outside of lock-on range. If you grab the Lotuses and drop, you'll likely catch a crossbow bolt to the face for your troubles as you land.
  16. Be wary of the Liar. This Dregling is the one you would have been warned about if you went directly to the boss. Despite his pleas of not interfering, he fuels the spell that revives the Fool's Idol. Kill him to beat the boss. Grab the Special Key while you are here. Feel free to backtrack to point 17 to release Sage Freke now.
  17. Sage Freke waits here, and releasing him nets you a Geri's Stiletto (MP absorption from enemies attacked) and lets you learn some higher level Magic by trading Demon Souls.
  18. An invisible Baby's Nail wielding Black Phantom. Melee attacks can cause plague. Will drop three Chunks of Moonlightstone and two Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
  19. This fog gate leads to the boss. See the Fool's Idol link for more information.


  1. It is possible, but hazardous; to roll past the arrows if you time it right. This shortcut skips the need to double back