Unknown Hero's Soul

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Unknown Heros Soul.JPG

In-Game Description[edit]

The remnants of a nameless hero's spirit that remained in its corpse.

Use it and the Souls will be added to your stock.

Even if you leave this be, it will only become nourishment for demons. In which case…


Grants 400 souls when consumed


Level Amount Availability
1-1 1 Near the mausoleum, past the Red Eye Knight
1-2 1 On the left at the far end of the Hoplite room
1-2 1 At the top of the first tower
1-2 1 Between the first tower and second towers
1-2 1 Between the first tower and second towers. on the lower level
1-2 1 On the platform overlooking the Boss Fog
1-3 1 Near the pool where the first flaming boulder comes to rest
1-3 1 In the area at the top of the narrow staircase that the first flaming boulder tumbled down
2-1 1 Near the start of the level, on the very edge of the abyss
2-1 1 In the tower containing the boulders throwers, near the start of the level
2-1 1 In the area below the collapsing bridge, guarded by the Fat Official
2-1 1 Under the staircase near the lever that cools the lava pit
2-1 1 On a small isolated platform accessed by falling, near the second set of boulder throwers
2-2 1 On a walkway near the bottom of the deep shaft (if you turn right at the level start)
2-2 1 On a high platform, left of the first Fog Gate
2-2 1 At the intersection of the central tunnel leading up from the lava bed
3-1 2 2F - first cell on the right Pure White World Tendency required
3-1 1 4F W - second cell
3-1 1 4F E - last cell on the right, inside an Iron Maiden
4-1 1 To the left of the second Fog Gate
4-1 1 In the cell where you first meet Graverobber Blige
4-1 1 In the narrow tunnel leading to the cliff edge. mind the bolt trap!
4-1 1 To the right as you descend to the cliff edge after the bolt trap
4-2 1 As you exit the first Reaper room, just before dropping down to the cliff path
5-1 1 Just after the first large platform containing multiple foe's
5-1 1 Just before the bridge that leads to the first pair of Giant Ticks
5-2 1 To left of the first moderately sized island you come to when heading straight for the first Fog Gate
5-2 1 On the edge of the large island nearest the first Fog Gate
5-2 1 On a ledge which can be accessed via the Slug's Nest, high above the swamp
5-2 1 To the left of the area that narrows towards the boss fog
5-2 1 On the mid level, near the boss fog. beware the ambush
5-2 1 Half way along the narrow walkway that leads back to the level start