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Demon's Souls has been released in five regions. All versions have English voiceovers.

Box Art Version Name Release Date Subtitles and Menu Language(s) Manual
DeS JP.jpg Japanese Version February 5, 2009 Japanese Japanese (The "Perfect Guide" in Japanese was available separately, but is currently out-of-print.)
DeS CH.jpg Chinese Version February 26, 2009 Traditional Chinese or English Traditional Chinese, 58 pages (The full manual is in Traditional Chinese, with a single-sided, folding insert of basic instructions {"Operation Sheet"} in English.)
DeS KR.jpg Korean Version April 28, 2009 Korean or English Korean
DeS NA.jpg North American Version (including a Deluxe Edition) October 6, 2009 English English, 30 pages (The Deluxe Edition includes an "Official Guide" in English. Pre-orders of both editions included an Art Book with English text and a CD soundtrack.)
DeS EU.jpg European Standard Version June 25, 2010 English English subtitled Spanish
DeS BP EU.jpg European Special Version - Black Phantom Edition June 25, 2010 English English subtitled Spanish, (//It contains an art book, soundtrack CD and strategy guide. //)
PSN.jpg A digital release of the North American (only English) and European (subtitled Spanish) versions was released on the respective PlayStation Stores January 8 2013 (US)

January 23 2013 (EU)
English n/a

NOTE: Atlus has confirmed that players using the North American version are on separate servers, and not able to interact with players using other versions of the game. Game save files from the Asian versions will not function with the North American version, and vice versa. Also, the trophy sets are separate, so it is possible to have two sets of Demon's Souls trophies for one PS3 profile.

Which to buy?[edit]

The North American version finally was released on October 6, 2009, and on April 16, 2010, a European version of Demon's Souls was announced for release on June 25, 2010, (subtitled spanish) which will be marketed as the "Black Phantom Edition." If you can speak and read English, then you currently have four options. The Chinese ("Asian"), Korean, North American and European versions provide English text and voices, but only the North American and UK versions provide a full manual in English. Any version can be imported and played in any region, as there is no region-locking on PS3 games. The European version includes (at least) English, French, and German text. However, online play is still region locked.

You can import it from these stores, among others (or check Ebay) — just make sure you get the Asian or Korean region versions (and not the Japanese), as these are the two versions with full English text.

Play-Asia (English / Chinese Best Ver.) In stock, usually ships within 24hrs

Play-Asia (North American Greatest Hits Ver.) In stock, usually ships within 24hrs

Yesasia Out of print / Out of stock

eBay Listings

Related Items[edit]


"The real truth behind the fog…"

Released April 2, 2009

DeS JP PG.jpg

This guide includes data on all weapons, items, and equipment, as well as all area maps, and complete information on the entire game. It's basically a strategy guide.

So far, it's only a Japanese release, but here's the pricing information for those interested:

1680 Yen + shipping (where applicable)

192 pages



Released October 6, 2009

DeS NA Deluxe.jpg

This edition includes all features of the standard North American release, plus a cardboard slipcover and the "Official Guide" (160 pages).

Pre-orders for both editions of the North American version included an Art Book (40 pages) with a CD soundtrack (music composed by Shunsuke Kida) of the game inserted in the back cover.

Track Listings (inaccuracies in the Art Book are noted below):

  1. Demon's Souls
  2. The Beginning
  3. Tales of Old
  4. Maiden in Black
  5. The Nexus
  6. Phalanx
  7. Tower Knight
  8. Penetrator
  9. Old King Allant
  10. Old Hero (incorrectly listed as Adjudicator)
  11. Storm King (incorrectly listed as Old Hero)
  12. Adjudicator (incorrectly listed as Storm King)
  13. Fool's Idol
  14. Maneater
  15. Old Monk
  16. Dirty Colossus (incorrectly listed as Leechmonger)
  17. Leechmonger (incorrectly listed as Dirty Colossus)
  18. Maiden Astraea
  19. Dragon God (incorrectly listed as Armor Spider)
  20. Flamelurker
  21. Armor Spider (incorrectly listed as Dragon God)
  22. The Old One
  23. One Who Craves Souls
  24. Return to Slumber


Release Date: June 25, 2010

DeS BP.jpg

This European special edition includes a hardcover Art Book, the soundtrack on CD and a strategy guide, and subtitled Spanish which is based on this wiki.