Widow's Lotus

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Widows Lotus.JPG

In-Game Description[edit]

The petal of a dark flower that floats on water. Removes plague from the user's body.

This flower was fastened to the corpses of those who died of plague during their burial, but later it became an emblem of the people claimed by the disease.


Cures plague status effect


Location Cost Amount Comment
3-1 1000 Unlimited Buy from the Once Royal Mistress
3-1 Treasure 2 On the platform overlooking the approach to the Fool's Idol fight
3-1 Treasure 1 As you exit the cell at the start of the level, turn left and it's in the second cell you pass
5-1 2000 Unlimited Buy from the Filthy Woman
5-2 2000 Unlimited Buy from the Filthy Woman
5-2 Treasure 3 Just past the Filthy Woman , on a platform overhead
5-3 Treasure 2 On the platform between the two sets of ladders as you enter the level from the Dirty Colossus arena

Usage Image[edit]