Yuria, the Witch

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Original PS3

General Information[edit]

Yuria practices a dark form of Soul Arts, to the great disapproval of Saint Urbain and his followers. She was imprisoned by Executioner Miralda under the watchful eye of one of King Allant's Fat Officials, but if rescued by the player, becomes one of the two advanced Magic teachers, along with Sage Freke.

Dialogue from her and Biorr suggest that she has been subject to torture from the Fat Ministers. Inside the tower she is held captive there are two corpses holding the Ring of Magical Nature and the Ring of the Accursed. The item description of both these rings implies those corpses having been witches. Just like Stockpile Thomas ' wife and daughter they have fallen victim to the Fat Ministers. (In 1-1 you find two hung corpses, one holding the Jade Hair Ornament and the other the old ragged robes set. Due to Thomas' dialogue when you give him the ornament it becomes clear that these corpses very likely were his wife and daughter. Again the other corpse holding the same armor set as Yuria suggests that his wife was a witch and that was probably the main reason for their execution.

Despite her use of dark Magic , Yuria is a kind, if timid woman, though she has demonstrated a remarkable temper, the quickest to become hostile out of all the NPCs. After the Slayer of Demons rescue Yuria she becomes infatuated with the protagonist, regardless of gender, going as far telling that she owes her life to the hero. Sage Freke once stated that Yuria's Magic is weaker than his because it stems from emotion, but no evidence exists that this is the case.


  • To free Yuria, you need to progress through 1-3 until you acquire the Official's Cap and Iron Ring of Keys
  • Once these are acquired, retreat to the beginning of 1-3, near the Tower Knight Archstone
  • Just prior to the Archstone, there is a door that was previously locked. Open it.
  • Enter the dungeon, kill that Fat Official and obtain the Bloody Iron Key
  • Return to 1-3, just past the Tower Knight Archstone
  • In the courtyard with the wagons containing Dogs, one of the corners breaks off into a narrow path.
  • Follow the path, cross the bridge, enter the tower, and proceed as far up as possible.
  • Equip the Official's Cap and the Fat Official will lower the ramp to Yuria
  • Kill the Fat Official but note that he Fat Official will be passive until attacked or you remove the cap.
  • Remove the Official's Cap and speak to Yuria. Note that dialog is different if you fail to remove the cap.


Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck
15 36 14 13 13 39 12 8

Note - This information was captured directly from the game data. Please note that the stat levels often to not correlate to actual health or performance levels as they would the player due to special effects applied in the background.



Right Hand 1 Right Hand 2 Left Hand 1 Left Hand 2
Wooden Catalyst - - -


Helmet Armor Gauntlets Leggings
Three-cornered Hat Old Raggedy Robes Old Raggedy Gloves Old Raggedy Boots


Arrow Type Arrow Number Bolt Type Bolt Number
- 0 - 0

Ring and Spells[edit]

Ring 1 Ring of Magical Nature
Spell 1 Firestorm
Spell 2 Flame Toss
Spell 3 -
Spell 4 -
Spell 5 -


Item Slot Name Quantity
Slot 1 Old Spice 99
Slot 2 - 0
Slot 3 - 0

Special Effect Multipliers[edit]

Special Effect Multipliers are blanket multipliers that are applied to NPCs, including Black Phantoms. For example, if the HP multiplier is "x2", the NPC will have twice the health that the player would have if they had identical stats and equipment. The NPC's attack multipliers are applied before the damage is affected by the player's defenses and resistances. Damage received by the NPC is slightly more complicated. When the player does damage to the NPC, the raw damage is put into a formula and computed against the NPC's resistances. These resistances are multiplied by the values in the Physical/Magic/Fire Defense columns before calculation. After the remaining damage is reduced by resistances, it is then multiplied by the Damage reduction multipliers in the Physical/Magic/Fire Reduction columns. The output damage remaining is the dealt to the NPC.


HP MP Equip Load Stamina Recovery Stamina Damage
- Infinite - - -


Physical Attack Magic Attack Fire Attack
- - -

Damage Reduction and Resistance[edit]

Physical Reduction Magic Reduction Fire Reduction Physical Defense Magic Defense Fire Defense
- - - - - -

Effect Resistance[edit]

Poison Resistance Plague Resistance Bleed Resistance
- - -

NG+ Multipliers[edit]

NG+ Multipliers are the factors by which an NPC's Stats are adjusted when entering NG+. These stack with Special Effect Multipliers.

  • In NG+, each NPC and stat has a unique adjustment. These values are shown below
  • In NG++, all stats are increased by 7% from the NG+ values.
  • In NG+++, all stats are increased by 10% from the NG+ values.
  • In NG++++, all stats are increased by 14% from the NG+ values.
  • In NG+++++, all stats are increased by 19% from the NG+ values.


HP MP Stamina Stamina Damage Souls
x1.7 x1.5 x1.79 x1.94 x2


Physical Damage Magic Damage Fire Damage
x1.8 x1.8 x1.8

Damage Reduction and Resistance[edit]

Physical Defense Magic Defense Fire Defense
x1.4 x1.4 x1.4

Tendency Events[edit]



  • Teaches advanced spells.
  • Allows memorization of previously learned Spells. Unlike Sage Freke and his apprentice, she does not require 10 Magic and 10 Intelligence to memorize Spells.
  • Drops:

Note: You keep the Official's Cap in New Game+ but you have to find the Iron Ring of Keys and Bloody Iron Key again.

Note: Rescuing Biorr is not a necessary trigger for Bloody Iron Key to work. Yuria can be rescued without ever opening Biorr's cell.

  • Spells Taught


  • Yuria's Attacks:
  • Flame Toss
  • Firestorm
  • Yuria turns hostile more quickly than other NPCs. When antagonized, she will always cast Firestorm first. From then on, she will attack with Flame Toss if the player is at a distance or Firestorm if the player is at mid-close range. Yuria will rarely pursue you away from her corner unless you step out of her sight range, yet remain nearby; she instead tries to bait you into approaching her so she can attack with Firestorm.
  • Much like Freke, Yuria never runs out of MP. When turned hostile, she will cast Firestorm up to three times and use Flame Toss constantly for a while, then eventually stop casting. She will begin casting again after a short break, but at a much lower rate.


All dialogue text is © Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

First encounter (Boletarian Palace 1-3)
Heavens, you… You… came to… save me?
Thank you. No, I’m fine. With a little rest, I can soon walk.
You go on ahead. I do not wish to be a dead weight.
First encounter (Boletarian Palace 1-3, wearing Official’s Cap)
What do you want with me? Have you brutes no mercy?
Do as you wish. There are no secrets here; only a tired, emaciated frame.
Nexus, greeting after rescue
Hello again. You saved me from great agony.
I am sorry, for I cannot offer proper thanks.
If you wish, however, I can teach you magic in trade for Demon souls.
But my witchcraft is of a dark nature, and arouses suspicions.
Why not try the magic of great Sage Freke?
Once, I lusted after the power offered by Demon souls.
I ventured through the fissure into Boletaria, but became trapped in the Nexus.
Then, the King's executioner, Miralda, chained me up inside that tower.
My thirst for Demon souls is no more.
On the contrary, I find such power dangerous.
Nexus, Yurt entering the nexus after you rescue him
Do you know Yurt, the silent chief?
He dons pitch black armour, and a helmet with two sharp spikes.
Yurts presence in Boletaria has resulted in the death of many a great hero.
Whatever his motives may be, he is a grave danger to us all.
Do watch out for him. I cannot bear to think of harm coming to you.
Freke wields a different kind of magic from my witchcraft.
Freke's magic stems from an understanding of the essence of the Demon soul,
while my witchcraft merely channels its energy. If the Demon is cursed, so shall be the witchcraft.
Freke's power comes from human potential, while mine is a dark, dependent art.
Nexus, After End Of The Game Is Unlocked(Defeat All Archdemons)
I feel great misgivings about Freke.
I was branded a witch at a very young age, and since then, I have been persecuted as a threat to human society.
Although I never had ill-intentions, this black craft of mine is intrinsically evil.
If there is a God, he gave us souls to do good, not to practice witchcraft.
My accusers detested my dark arts for good reason, for the path I have taken is tainted.
This has been one of my realizations since coming to Boletaria.
But I am afraid that Freke, too, has ventured down the wrong path. He has become obsessed with the dark arts.
Are you certain you wish to learn witchcraft?
It would honour me to assist one such as you, but…
Are you sure?
Open menu after learning/ remembering a spell
Are you here for more Witchcraft? Very well. I shall help you however I can.
Exit menu before learning/remembering a spell
I owe my life to you.
If you are ever in need of Witchcraft, speak to me.
It is a dark art, but it is all that I can offer.
Exit menu after learning/remembering a spell
Thank you. Speak to me again whenever you are in need.
Thank you. I hope that my witchcraft may be of some help.
Walk away without exiting menu
Where are you going?
When attacked

Voiced by: Jenny Funnell