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What is Character Tendency?[edit]

There is World Tendency and Character Tendency. While World Tendency has events which affect a World, Character Tendency has its own risks and rewards and adds special content as well. Character tendency is roughly analogous to an 'alignment' or 'karma' for your character. Your character's tendency is independent of the world tendencies. Similarly it affects the difficulty, and at Pure White or Pure Black, adds some content to the game. Character Tendency carries over to new games.

In Summary[edit]

  • Killing invading or named Black Phantoms moves your character towards White.
  • Killing friendly NPCs/vendors or invading as a Black Phantom moves you towards Black.

What does Character Tendency do?[edit]

Character Tendency affects difficulty and at Pure White or Pure Black, adds some content to the game. Character Tendency is independent of World Tendency for the most part. Resulting amount of maximum Soul Form HP is affected by both Character Tendency and World Tendency.

Pure White[edit]

  • Talk to the Monumental to get the Friend's Ring when your Character Tendency is Pure White.
  • Attack power is increased in Soul Form. Increases 10% at White, and 20% at Pure White. Stacks with World Tendency.
  • Attack power is increased as a Blue Phantom in another world.


  • Maximum HP in Soul Form is reduced to 47.5%.

Pure Black[edit]

  • Maximum HP in Soul Form is reduced to 45%.
  • Mephistopheles will show up on the second floor of the Nexus after you have released and killed Yurt in 3-2. When you speak to her, she will offer you a number of assassination quests.
  • Attack power is increased as an invading Black Phantom.

What is my character's tendency right now?[edit]

Pure White and Pure Black
  • Tendency can be confirmed by viewing the statue at the center of the Archstone status display menu.
  • The statue's hue may range from glowing bright blue (pure white) to totally black (pure black).
  • The image shown on the right is a character in pure white tendency.

Determine Character Tendency[edit]

The bonus damage of these Weapons is dependent on Character Tendency

Weapon Pure Black Neutral Pure White
Demonbrandt -130 / -110 0 / 0 +130 / +110
Soulbrandt +120 / +130 0 / 0 -120 / -130
Northern Regalia +135 / +135 0 / 0 +135 / +135

Character Tendency affect on Northern Regalia Attack Bonus:

Tendency Pure Black -4 -3 -2 -1 Neutral +1 +2 +3 +4 Pure White
Physical 135 108 81 54 27 0 27 54 81 108 135
Magic 135 108 81 54 27 0 27 54 81 108 135

How can it be changed?[edit]

Change in Character Tendency is immediate. There is no need to return to the Nexus.

Towards White[edit]

  • Defeat invading Black Phantoms online
  • In 3-3 Defeat another player invading as the Old Monk - counts as Black Phantom kill. Offline mode doesn't count.
  • As a Host: Defeat invading Black Phantoms in any world where the Boss is still alive.
  • As a Blue Phantom in another world: Strike the fatal blow against a Black Phantom - in addition, the host Character Tendency will also go towards White.
  • Defeat Unique Named NPC Black Phantoms which appear only with Pure Black World Tendency.
  • Defeating any of these will shift the Character Tendency 20% from Neutral towards White. Defeating all five will move the Character Tendency from :*Neutral to Pure White (it takes two playthroughs, or 10 kills, to go from pure black to pure white offline). Killing these will also move the World Tendency +3 towards white.
  • If the killing blow towards a named NPC black phantom is dealt by means of Soulsucker or any source of poison/plague damage, there will be no change in Character Tendency. If a Black Phantom falls to their death it will also prevent any change to character tendency.

Towards Black[edit]

  • Invade as a Black Phantom and kill the host.
  • In any world, use a Black Eye Stone and defeat the host as an invader
  • Using Blue Eye Stone in the World 3 -- Tower of Latria. You will sometimes to be summoned by the Old Monk to be a Black Phantom; which will lower your Character Tendency, if you beat the host player. You can keep doing this as many times as you like until your Character Tendency is Pure Black. It doesn't require the killing of NPC's, and is safer than invading with the Black Eye Stone. (You may use the Black Eye Stone in 3-1 to be summoned by the Monk. Note that this does not mean you will be summoned by the monk the first try, and you do not have to wait to be summoned at 3-3. This has been confirmed by many players.)
  • You can also "force" the Old Monk to summon you if you use the Black Eye Stone in 3-3. You can use the stone in the small chamber at the bottom of the tower's steps, close to the Maneater Archstone. You may have to move some distance from the Archstone. If the invasion fails, there was no player available to challenge.
  • If summoned for the Old Monk , your tendency will only change if you actually kill the other player yourself. It's possible that the other player will die getting to you. You may still receive the Monk's Head Collar , but it won't shift your Character Tendency.
  • Killing four or five harmless NPCs (depending on current Character Tendency) will take you from Pure White to Pure Black. Below is a list of relatively harmless (won't hurt your game if dead) NPCs that you can kill to shift the character tendency.
  • Kill 3 of the special named NPCs. Killing these will also move the World Tendency -3 back towards black.
  • 2-2 Body Form Scirvir, The Wanderer (-2). Appears only in Pure White World Tendency
  • 3-1 Blue Phantom Lord Rydell (-2). He has no Tendency requirement to appear, but requires Cell Key from Pure White World Tendency in 3-2.
  • 5-2 Body Form Selen Vinland (-2). Appears only in Pure White World Tendency

No Change[edit]

  • Killing any NPC (deal the final blow) with Soulsucker, Poison Cloud, Death Cloud , or other environmental kills (death by falling, bonfire, poison or plague) will not trigger a change in Character Tendency. This applies to Black and Blue Phantoms as well. Note that World Tendency changes will still take effect for the death of a special named NPC.
  • Killing the following named NPCs has no effect on Character Tendency