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General Information[edit]

  • Shields will reduce the damage taken from attacks when held up during an incoming attack
  • They can be held in either hand, or both hands.
  • Some shield will provide additional benefits, like HP Regeneration from the Adjudicator's Shield
  • Some shields come with negative effects, such as reduced Magic attack power from the Dark Silver Shield


Image Name Damage Reduction % Guard Break Reduction Dur Wt Stats Needed Location Special Note
Buckler.jpg Buckler 90/30/60 45 200 2.5 9/12/0/0 Thief starting equipment
Royalty starting equipment
Once Royal Mistress (1500 souls)
+6 - Dark
Dark Silver Shield.jpg Dark Silver Shield 100/100/70 50 450 5.0 16/0/0/0 Garl Vinland drop Increases Magic defense
Decreases Magic damage
Upgrade with Colorless Demon's Soul
Heater Shield.jpg Heater Shield 100/30/70 53 200 3.0 11/0/0/0 Priest starting equipment
Temple Knight starting equipment
Blacksmith Boldwin (2000 souls)
2-2 Treasure (Dark +2)
+6 - Dark
Kite Shield.jpg Kite Shield 100/30/70 55 220 3.5 12/0/0/0 Knight starting equipment
1-3 Soldier (Spear) drop
1-4 Red Eye Knight drop
3-1 Treasure
+6 - Dark
Knights Shield.jpg Knight's Shield 100/30/70 57 300 5.0 16/0/0/0 Dregling Merchant (20000 souls)
1-1, 1-2 Blue Eye Knight drop
1-4 Red Eye Knight drop
1-4 Treasure
+6 - Dark
Leather Shield.jpg Leather Shield 90/30/60 54 160 1.0 8/0/0/0 Hunter starting equipment
Magician starting equipment
Graverobber Blige (1000 souls)
Cannot be upgraded
Rune Shield.jpg Rune Shield 100/60/70 50 80 3.0 12/0/18/0 3-2 Treasure
1-4 Rune Sword Black Phantom drop
Increases Magic defense
Can be upgraded using Colorless Demon's Soul
Slaves Shield.jpg Slave's Shield 70/30/10 35 33 0.5 5/0/0/0 1-1 Dregling drop
1-3 Treasure
Cannot be upgraded
Soldiers Shield.jpg Soldier's Shield 90/30/60 50 190 2.0 10/0/0/0 Soldier starting equipment
1-x Soldier drop
Dregling Merchant (1000 souls)
+6 - Dark
Wooden Shield.jpg Wooden Shield 80/30/10 50 110 0.7 6/0/0/0 Barbarian starting equipment
Wanderer starting equipment
Dregling Merchant (500 souls)
1-2 Soldier (Axe) drop
Cannot be upgraded


Image Name Damage Reduction % Guard Break Reduction Dur Wt Stats Needed Location Special Note
Adjudicators Shield.jpg Adjudicator's Shield 90/50/10 50 150 3.5 14/0/0/0 4-1 Treasure HP regeneration
Can be upgraded using Colorless Demon's Soul
Large Brushwood Shield.jpg Large Brushwood Shield 100/30/100 60 500 13.0 26/0/0/0 1-1 Treasure - Pure White/Black World Tendency required
Biorr, of the Twin Fangs drop
Can be upgraded using Colorless Demon's Soul
Purple Flame Shield.jpg Purple Flame Shield 100/30/90 60 170 8.0 22/0/0/0 1-1 Treasure
1-x Red Eye Knight (Spear)drop
+6 - Dark
Spiked Shield.jpg Spiked Shield 100/30/70 45 120 3.0 11/14/0/0 1-1, 1-3 Soldier drop
1-2 Treasure
+6 - Sharp
Steel Shield.jpg Steel Shield 100/30/70 60 300 6.0 18/0/0/0 1-3 Soldier (Spear) drop
2-1 Treasure
+6 - Dark
Tower Shield.jpg Tower Shield 100/60/90 70 600 30.0 30/0/0/0 1-4 Scraping Spear Black Phantom drop
1-2 Treasure
Can be upgraded using Colorless Demon's Soul


Names displayed are according to the Atlus (NA) version of the game. Name changes from the Asian version, if any, will appear in parentheses.
The Damage stat dictates how much damage the shield does when used for bashing.
All shields have Blunt physical damage, apart from the Spiked shield's Slashing damage, but it is also more of a weapon than a shield.
Certain enemies are weak or strong against different damage types.
Damage Reduction %
The Damage Reduction % of the shield. It dictates how much damage the shield mitigates while blocking.
The Damage Reduction % stats for shields are X / Y / Z:
  • X is Physical Damage
  • Y is Magical Damage
  • Z is Fire Damage
Guard Break Reduction
The Guard Break Reduction determines the amount of stamina expended to block an incoming attack. A higher Guard Break Reduction also allows you to block stronger attacks without breaking guard and reduces the amount of stamina depleted from blocking attacks.
The Durability of the shield. The effectiveness of the shield will severely deteriorate when the durability falls below 30%.
The Weight of the shield. Note that carrying over 50% of your Equip Weight will reduce the speed of your rolls, while going over 100% will reduce your regular speed to walking and attempts to roll or backstep will leave you momentarily stunned.
The Requirements determines how high various Stats must be in order to wield the shield effectively.
The Requirement stats for shields are W / X / Y / Z:
While it is possible to use a shield with lower-than-required Strength , your character will suffer a severe penalty to Guard Break Reduction, thus making it easier to break your character's guard.