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Upgrade requirements[edit]

In order to level stats in a new game, you must beat the boss of 1-1 and talk to The Monumental. Only then you can upgrade stats with The Maiden in Black.

General Information[edit]

Icon Stat Weapon Requirement Effect
Vitality Icon.jpg Vitality No Max HP UP

Item Burden UP

Intelligence Icon.jpg Intelligence No Max MP UP

Magic memory slots UP

Endurance Icon.jpg Endurance No Max Stamina UP

Equip Weight UP

Fire/Poison/Bleed resistance UP

Strength Icon.jpg Strength Yes Physical damage UP
Dexterity Icon.jpg Dexterity Yes Physical damage UP

Falling damage DOWN

Magic Icon.jpg Magic Yes Magic power UP
Faith Icon.jpg Faith Yes Miracle power UP

Miracle memory slots UP

Magic damage resistance UP

Luck Icon.jpg Luck No Item drop rates UP

Disease resistance UP

Soul Level Icon.jpg Soul Level No Increasing any stat increases your Soul Level

Physical/Magic Defense UP

Fire Resistance UP

Soul Points required for next level UP



There are no stat increases for weapon speed, attack speed, or decreases falldown duration, attack delay, or anything else of that nature. If an item is not present in the above table, increasing any stat will not help. Also note that every stat increases your physical defense, so no matter how stat points are spent, less damage will be taken.


A list of starting stats for each class is on the Classes page.

Maximum Stats[edit]

  • The highest level for any single stat is 99, making the highest possible Soul Level 712, with all individual stats at 99.
  • The maximum is far beyond what's needed to complete three-and-a-half playthroughs and earn the Platinum trophy, and few players will reach Soul Level 712 through normal farming.
  • Maxing out one's stats does not give a player any unfair advantage over other players, because of the game's online Soul Level Range Restrictions.
  • Prior to Patch 1.03 for the three Asian versions, a glitch allowed for the duplication of souls between two characters within the same player account, so that a player quickly (in about 1.5 hours, starting with 1,000 souls) could produce 999,999,999 souls for each of the two characters. In turn, the duplication of souls allowed characters to quickly achieve the maximum Soul Level.

De-levelling Stats[edit]

The only way to de-level a characters stats is to decrease the overall Soul Level, and then build back the relevant stats, as desired. More information is available on the delevelling page.


Research information on stamina regeneration can be found here.

Online Character Planner[edit]

An online character planner is available at Mugenmonkey.


For known formulas used to calculate the influence of stats on attributes and the re-engineering effort, visit the formulas page.


Find charts for planning your character progress here.